Diary management software

Schedule daily, weekly and monthly view in a single interface. Send your field engineers in the right place at the right time and reduce their their travels.

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Key benefits:

  • Schedule labour on the diary and get your engineer noticed in real-time
  • Less travel from your engineer
  • Increase your company speed and efficiency

View your engineers diaries on a PC, Mac or mobile device

Commusoft lets you look at your engineers diaries in a variety of attractive, easy-to-use views: daily, weekly, fortnightly and monthly as well as a list view. Further details including full property information, job details and engineers feedback are then just a click away. All of this is available wherever you are, and whether you are using a PC, Mac, iPad or Android tablet.

Create industry certificates from your iPhone, iPad, Android phone and Android tablet

Real-time syncing across all your devices

Keeping your whole team up to date with the latest diary changes is critical to running a successful business it saves time and eliminates mistakes. Commusoft syncs all of your engineers’ diaries across all devices in real time. In other words, any update will be instantly visible wherever you are and whether you are using a PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android phone or Android tablet. Engineers can see their jobs and view the most up-to-date address details, job information, notes, appliance information and a lot more. Managers and office staff can see new events, cancellations and engineers’ feedback without needing to call engineers for an update.

Book jobs into the diary from any PC, Mac or mobile device

Whether you’re based in an office or out in the field, Commusoft lets you book appointments, quotations and other information into your engineers diaries from any PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android phone or Android tablet.


Send confirmations and reminders to customers by email

When a customer books in an appointment, Commusoft automatically sends them an email or sms message confirming the appointment details, thereby reducing the risk that they will not be in when your engineer arrives.

Drag and drop diary events on an engineers calendar

Rearrange and reschedule jobs

If you are managing a team it often makes sense to switch jobs between engineers. Commusoft makes it easy. You don’t need to retype details. Simply drag the job from one engineer’s diary and drop it into another engineer’s diary. Both will receive real-time updates to their phones or tablets together with a notification informing them that something has changed.

Manage cancellations and missed appointments

If a customer cancels an appointment, Commusoft lets you quickly and easily mark the job as cancelled and reschedule (either immediately or later).This will ensure engineers don’t waste time turning up for the job. If the customer fails to cancel and is not in when the engineer arrives, you can record the missed appointment and reschedule.

Keep a history of every visit

Commusoft lets you keep track of every visit by every engineer in your business. This means you can keep an accurate record, making it easier to answer customer queries and make accurate quotations in future. It also allows engineers who are onsite to see what other engineers have done by viewing their notes.

Keep accurate time sheets

Commusoft automatically keeps engineer timesheets based on travel time and time onsite. This not only reduces the administrative burden on your engineers, it also eliminates the manual paper trail for office staff by providing easy access to timesheets online.


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