Commusoft's estimate software lets you complete estimates from the initial survey through to sending the estimate to the customer.

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With Commusoft’s estimate software you can create and send quotations on site, your field technician can take pictures of the work completed and attach them to the quotations.

Once the estimate has been accepted, Commusoft automatically creates a job, orders the required parts and automatically generates an invoice when the works are complete.

Key benefits:

  • Reduce the time you spend creating estimates
  • Generate more leads, convert more estimates into jobs and increase productivity
Create and send quotations to customers from your computer or onsite.

Create and send estimates to customers from your computer or onsite

Being able to create instant quotations from your office PC/Mac, or using an iPhone, iPad or Android phone or tablet onsite, can be the difference between winning and losing the job. Commusoft is set up to make this process very simple and efficient.

Take photos and attach them to quotations

Take photos and attach them to estimates

The Commusoft app lets you take photos onsite and include them in your quotations. You can therefore provide more professional looking quotes and estimates, with more detail, which will engage and impress the customer, making it more likely that they will accept the quote.

Get instant approval and email/print confirmation for estimates

Get instant approval and email/print confirmation

If a quotation is created onsite it’s important to seal the deal as soon as possible by getting the customer to approve. You can do this onsite by signing the quote on your mobile device. A signed copy of the contract can then be printed on-site or emailed and given to the customer as confirmation.

Estimates Re-usable templates for faster quotes

Re-usable templates for faster estimates

Commusoft allows you to create default templates, which you can then reuse to create customer-specific quotations, saving time and reducing the likelihood of typing errors.

Check the profitability of each job

When you create an estimate you can specify the labour and parts costs so you can check the profitability of a potential job. The costs are invisible to the customer.

Automatically accept and convert to a job

Once a customer has accepted a quotation, you simply click on ‘Accept’ to convert the quotation into a live job. The quotation information then automatically copies across to the job record and to the engineer’s job sheet. In this way Commusoft saves you a huge amount of time and effort duplicating information.