Take online bookings from your website straight into Commusoft

Embed the Commusoft online booking form onto your business's website to streamline the booking process. After a customer submits an appointment request, Commusoft automatically adds the customer and job information to your database. Let technology help you get more job bookings whilst easing the admin burden.

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Commusoft provides you with the code needed to embed a booking form onto your business's website. Customers can then simply click a 'Request Appointment' button, to let you know what service they need and their preferred date and time. They'll provide their contact information, which is recorded in your customer database and a corresponding job will be set up. Commusoft can also recognise returning customers, send a custom confirmation email, and can take optional payment details as well.

More bookings, less admin

Convenient for customers

Customers don't always want to call businesses to book a service. They're looking for convenient options available in the places they spend their time - online. The ability to book online provides new ways for customers to give you their business, which in turn drives revenue.

Automatic records

No need to manually take your online bookings and transfer the customer details, job request, and preferred date and time into your job management system. Commusoft will automatically do this for you - freeing your time up for more high value tasks.

Built-in notifications

Sit back and relax. We'll send a notification in Commusoft whenever there is a new booking request. This notification tells you all the important details of the job request and let you go ahead and schedule it in to the diary.

Online booking form for job request

Take booking requests 24/7

Whether you already take online bookings or not, the Commusoft online booking form can help make it even easier for you to get work. Using your own booking form? Well, say goodbye to admin time and welcome integrated record keeping, follow-up, and notifications. If you don’t have a method of taking bookings online – get started today with ease. Simply copy and paste the code into your website – we advise having a web designer or tech-savvy friend do this, if you don’t know how.

Choose which job to request

Choose which jobs you offer

You may only wish to offer certain types of jobs via the online booking form, such as routine or simple services. Which jobs appear in the online booking form is entirely up to you, simply choose to make that job type available in Commusoft’s settings. This also stops customers from requesting services that you don’t offer.

Record customer details from your website

Gather contact information

New customers provide their contact information, which is then recorded in Commusoft’s customer database without manual entry. The booking form recognises existing customers as soon as they input their postcode and email address, removing the need for them to type out their details.

online booking portal email

Send personalised confirmation emails

Create a custom follow-up email which automatically sends to customers as soon as they complete your online booking form. This is a great way to let customers know that you received their booking request, what you intend to do next, and anything else you think is pertinent. As with all our emails, you can use custom tagging to personalise the email with customer-specific information, such as their name, address, and the type of job they requested.

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