Real Time Vehicle Tracking

Track your vehicles in real time

Real-time vehicle tracking enables true oversight of your vehicles. You see where everyone is in real time and get access to crucial information like whether an engineer is on the move and how they are driving. We go further than simple GPS systems, with vehicle tracking software that links engineer tracking data with your diary and job information.

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Integrated tracking

Commusoft's real-time vehicle tracking solution syncs engineer tracking data with your diary, scheduling tools and job information. Leave simple GPS systems behind and let us drive you to success.

Dedicated vehicle trackers

We send dedicated Commusoft vehicle GPS trackers for company vehicles so you can rely on highly accurate location data. These can't run out of battery, be left behind at a property, and eliminate the need to track personal devices.

No extra monthly fee

Our real-time vehicle tracking is included in the price of your job management software.You’ll pay a one-time charge per vehicle tracker (1 per vehicle) plus sim card. Please note that data usage and costs will be your responsibility.

Real-time vehicle tracking features

  • Two choices of tracker
  • Track engineers in real time
  • GPS location and trip history
  • Automatic driving reports
  • Send location and ETA alert
  • Vehicle tracking mobile app
Real-time vehicle tracking software locations

Reliably track vehicles in real time

Using our dedicated GPS vehicle trackers allows you to reliably oversee your team—whether you have one van or a whole fleet. You benefit from the added security of tracking vehicle locations and their valuable stock, which is crucial in the event of an emergency. Additionally, with dedicated van trackers, you don’t have to worry about blind spots in your data as they can’t run out of battery or easily be turned off. They even work offline when operating in areas with no service and will sync the data when signal returns. You can choose from both self-install and plug-in vehicle trackers.

Van tracking software for scheduling

Optimise reactive scheduling

Live vehicle tracking gives your office staff enhanced visibility, so they can make faster and better decisions when scheduling your engineers. Quickly seeing where all your engineers and vans are at a given time enables you to be more responsive to your customers’ needs. You can logically handle last-minute schedule changes, ultimately leading to a better overall service. When adding an appointment to the diary, you can select an engineer on the map to see the distance and estimated travel time.

real-time vehicle tracking trips

View a comprehensive driver trip history

The driver report shows 6 months of past trips that your vans have taken, letting you view the exact route travelled. At a glance, you can see the start and end locations, journey length, distance, average speed, and max speed for each trip. You can even see every time the vehicle tracker sent GPS data via the vehicle tracking software and review exactly what was transmitted.

Mobile tracking app for on the go

Take location data on the go with our mobile tracking app

With our Commusoft – Vehicle Tracker app for iOS and Android, you can keep up to date with your team’s whereabouts, even when you’re on the road. It’s vital for business owners and managers to have oversight of their engineers, which is why we provide real-time locations, user search function, and access to 1 month of trip data straight from our standalone vehicle tracking app.

Learn how real-time vehicle tracking can drive your business to success

Driver trip and timesheets

Keep accurate location records

In order to provide a true overview, our van tracking system integrates an engineer’s live location with the ‘travel’, ‘arrive’, and ‘leave’ times they provide through the Commusoft app. Using this data, we create a side-by-side timeline comparing the engineer’s reported trip times and those recorded by the vehicle tracker. By combining this location and timesheet data, we help you get a handle on out-of-hours errands and unauthorised trips, which may be hurting your profits.

Engineer profile portal communications

Provide customers with a location and arrival time update

Real-time vehicle tracking software can offer your business more than you may realise. Our engineer profile portal lets your customers track your engineer live on the way to the customer property, just like with deliveries and ride-sharing services. This means your customers know exactly how close they are to arriving and can ensure they are ready and available to greet you. You reduce no-access scenarios—while at the same time provide your clients with superior customer service—which they will surely appreciate.

Tracking driver behaviour

Record safe driving data, only with dedicated trackers

Commusoft’s van tracking software, gives you access to accurate driving data such as driver behaviour, efficient driving indicators, and safety data. With enhanced insight into these areas, you can know if your engineers are speeding, cornering, or excessively braking—all of which can negatively impact your vehicles’ conditions and increase associated costs such as fuel consumption and insurance. With the right engineer trackers and data, you can make the changes needed to reduce potential risks to both your employees and company property.

GPS driving leaderboard

Compare driving behaviours

We don’t just provide access to in-depth driving data for individual drivers. With Commusoft’s real-time vehicle tracking software, you can see all of your employees’ safe driving behaviours side by side. This lets you can compare driving records within your entire fleet. We analyse multiple safe driving styles to assign an overall safe driving score to each driver, allowing you to easily see who may need to treat their vehicle with a little more care.

Are you ready to start tracking your company vehicles?

  • Track vans in real time
  • Access full location history
  • Integrates with your diary