VoIP Phone System (Coming Soon)

Answer the phone professionally, every time

Integrate your existing VoIP phone system directly into Commusoft. By combining customer and job data with your VoIP phone, office staff instantly have relevant details at their fingertips when the phone rings, empowering your team to handle calls more quickly, whilst providing fantastic customer service. Plus, with our softphone dialer, it's easy to make calls, log notes, and save call recordings.

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Commusoft's VoIP phone integration


No additional hardware required! Simply connect your VoIP system to our softphone system. Your phone is then accessible from our Windows and Mac apps.

Make calls from anywhere

With a VoIP system connected, your team can now make and receive calls from their computer using their regular VoIP phone number.

Seamless Commusoft integration

Quickly call any customer in your database, attach notes to their customer record, and view job history whilst on the phone.

A full phone system at your fingertips

  • Connect your existing VoIP system
  • Make and receive calls from your computer
  • View customer details whilst on a call
  • Add call notes to the customer's communication history
  • Save call recordings for added transparency
  • Transfer calls to other users
Make and receive VoIP phone calls

Know who's calling as soon as the phone rings

Instead of wasting time looking up customers in your database or having the customer spend excessive time explaining who they are – with Commusoft’s VoIP phone system, you can instantly see which customer is calling. This gives your team the ability to answer the phone calmly, politely, and using the customer’s name. Customer’s will not only appreciate the personal touch, but will appreciate how quickly you can find relevant work information. Staff can see the customer’s job and estimate history directly from the VoIP app, ensuring they provide accurate information with ease.

Log call notes with your VoIP system

Easily add call notes to the customer or job record

To ensure accurate and consistent note taking, office staff can easily log notes whilst using the VoIP phone with just a click of a button. Once the call ends, the note will automatically be saved against the customer record, so everyone in Commusoft can see the call notes and properly understand what has occurred with the customer. In addition, notes can be logged not only against the customer, but against a specific job or estimate record too. For added transparency, VoIP call recordings are saved as well, giving your team the ability to review previous calls if needed.

Commusoft VoIP phone system

Receive and make VoIP calls from your computer

With Commusoft’s VoIP app for Windows and Mac, you’ll be able to make and receive any phone calls using your existing VoIP system. Each user will be able to see their call history, search for and call existing customers, or call any number using the built-in dialer. Helpful functions like the ability to transfer calls, mute the line, and individually adjust your input and output levels make for a premium phone experience. Please note, some phone providers may not be supported, please contact us for more information.

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