Commusoft Releases Powerful New Intelligent Scheduling Software for Field Service Businesses

Scheduling work is a core function of any job management software and most field service businesses schedule tens if not hundreds of jobs per day. – often resulting in inefficient and even illogical schedules.

News Release

Date: July 8th, 2019

Commusoft has always offered scheduling and diary management tools that make booking jobs easier, however, with the addition of Commusoft’s new intelligent scheduling system, scheduling is not just faster but much more efficient. Office staff can now benefit from automated scheduling that maximises engineer utilisation, reduces admin burdens, and decreases travel time and related costs.

How does Commusoft’s intelligent scheduling feature work?

At the core of the software is a route optimisation algorithm, underpinned by a cluster-computing framework, however, Commusoft prefer to simply call it intelligent scheduling. With this powerful tech supporting office staff, more efficient scheduling decisions can be made. If booking one job, the system analyses the diary to make suggestions for the optimal date, time, and engineer to complete the work, taking into account existing appointments, shift patterns, engineer skills, and service windows. 

Alternatively, have the intelligent system schedule hundreds or even thousands of outstanding appointments at once. With mass scheduling, tens of thousands of possible routes are processed to find the most efficient schedule in a short amount of time.

By giving field service staff access to Commusoft’s intelligent scheduling software, they are enabled to:

  • Reduce office burden and save time scheduling
  • Book jobs with a higher level of efficiency than humanly possible
  • Increase utilisation and fit more jobs into each day
  • Decrease engineer travel time and related fuel costs

Intelligent scheduling is a core feature of Commusoft’s Automation plan – designed for larger businesses that need to increase efficiency and reduce complexity within their workforce. With the right technology and software, field service businesses can discover new ways to streamline operations, generate more revenue, and increase customer satisfaction.

Try the scheduling game and get more information on Commusoft’s Intelligent Scheduling feature here.

About Commusoft

Commusoft is a technology company specialising in building web-based and mobile solutions for field service companies to help them refine their customer journey and improve the way they manage jobs. Whether you are a business owner, an operations manager or an office manager, Commusoft helps you manage your day to day operations in the office and in the field.

1,200 companies and 15,000+ daily users in the UK trust Commusoft for their business. Commusoft and its accompanying app, are the work of a fast-growing technology company based in Southwark, London, UK.

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Learn how Commusoft's intelligent scheduling system drives efficiency

With a powerful route optimisation engine supporting your office staff, highly efficient work schedules can be created in a fraction of the time previously possible. If your business is looking to take the next step in upgrading your operations and workflows, get in touch today.

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