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Commusoft keeps The Register of Tradeswomen’s daily operations organised, protects engineers in the field, and helps provide an unrivalled customer experience.

  • About The Register of Tradeswomen

    A woman-led organisation working to empower tradeswomen, protect them in the field, and reshape the entirety of field service.

  • Industry: Field Service

  • Company Size: 120+ employees

  • Location: West Yorkshire

The Register of Tradeswomen jump starts operations with Commusoft

The Register of Tradeswomen, established in March 2021, was founded with the mission of making field service more accessible to, and safe for all tradeswomen. Founder and tradeswoman, Hattie Hasan MBE, sat down with us to discuss the impact of Commusoft’s Customer Journey plan on her rapidly-expanding organisation. 

The Register before Commusoft

Hattie has always valued customer service, and set out to assure that her customers would always have a positive experience. She explains, 

“Before I was a tradeswoman and I was just a customer, I was very dissatisfied with the kind of service I was getting, I couldn’t believe that people wouldn’t ring me back. I couldn’t believe that people wouldn’t turn up. I couldn’t believe the mess they left when they came into the house. So when I decided to become a tradeswoman myself, I was determined that that wouldn’t be the experience a customer would have”. 

But providing unrivalled service is a difficult task without support from a job management software. 

Originally, Hattie and her team used a cluttered and disjointed system, but quickly realised it wouldn’t be enough to support the demands of her growing business. She states, “before we had this amazing Commusoft software, we were working purely off spreadsheets that were massive and really unwieldy”. This kind of record keeping meant that important information was falling through the cracks, impacting her team, and interrupting the register’s progress.  

Since implementing Commusoft

Quickly, the team shifted to Commusoft, where customer and company records are securely stored and are easily accessible in real time! Hattie’s team were able to innovate their daily operations, save admin time, and forget about spreadsheets. She details,

“When we were introduced to Commusoft, it saved us hours and hours and hours of time. We’ve been able to get rid of our paper diary, our phone book, everything really paper-wise and it’s just made life so much quicker”. 

Commusoft’s reporting tools and real-time updates allow admin teams and engineers to adjust whenever unexpected delays or cancellations occur. With Commusoft, engineers can be kept accountable with job leave questions, such as a requirement to clean up the work site before leaving. 

Pest control mobile leave questions

Commusoft’s inclusive reporting features keep the team on track. Hattie elaborates, 

“I can just log in, have a look on the reporting pane and I can see how many jobs we’ve got going on at any one time and how many have been completed. And that tells us how well our business is doing. That’s a really brilliant thing”. 

With real-time information on job and engineer statuses, what’s going on across your business is never a mystery.  

reports and dashboard showing job data

Stress-free booking with intelligent scheduling

Commusoft’s intelligent scheduling feature is a favourite of The Register of Tradeswomen. Hattie told us, 

“I love the idea of opening up the map and saying ‘actually, we know that engineer A is quite close to that job, we can probably allocate that job straight away’ and she might go that afternoon, which is really brilliant for the customer. We’ll know immediately which engineer to send the notification to. She taps on that notification and gets all the information she needs”. 

Mass scheduling software

Intelligent scheduling, available on our Customer Journey plan, suggests appointments based on your engineer’s unique schedules, skills, and drive times, saving your admin team valuable time and offering unrivalled efficiency. 

With Commusoft, Hattie and her admin team can see where all of the register’s engineers are on the live map. “So you go on the map, and you zoom it out, and it’s really exciting to see our engineers here, there, wherever they are. It’s so seamless and it’s in real time. That’s a really brilliant thing. We don’t have to keep on updating it to get what’s happening in real time”. With real-time information incorporated by Commusoft, Hattie and her team can easily stay on top of all their jobs and engineers.

Peace of mind with real-time engineer tracking

Through Commusoft, Hattie found a way to protect her tradeswomen when in the field. She elaborates, 

“Each tradeswoman has the app, and as she enters the property, she can then inform the customer she’s arrived, which informs us, starting a clock”. Letting customers know that she’s informing the office where she is “immediately acts as a safeguard… if anyone was thinking of being a little bit dodgy, then maybe they would change their mind”. 

Protecting employees while they’re in the field is important for any field service business. Hattie’s team always knows exactly where each tradeswoman is, and how long they’ve been at each job site, keeping everyone accountable and safe. 

The Register of Tradeswomen continues to grow with Commusoft 

For anyone questioning if Commusoft is right for their field service business, take Hattie’s word for it:

“It’s a really easy software to use…If it wasn’t easy, then I wouldn’t do it! I didn’t realise how easy it was going to be until we started using it. And as soon as we started using it, it just got easier and easier”.

The Register of Tradeswomen has big goals: “we want to build a little tradeswomen world where we can propagate our own tradeswomen…we want to build this whole ecosystem that changes the world”. With Commusoft supporting her team 24/7, Hattie can continue to further expand her game-changing organisation and outreach with confidence.

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10hrs saved managing schedules

35% improvement in customer feedback

15% reduction in total travel costs

20% reduction in no-access jobs

10% improvement in first-time fix rate

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