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Commusoft is designed primarily around the client’s database that lets you store customers’ names and addresses, contact details, notes, communications, attach files, all sorts of other information that’s important to you.

Before using Commusoft, most clients use things like Excel; they use iCal, they use Google calendars. These are fantastic when getting started. As your business develops, you want more of these systems, and Excel only has so much to give.

We’ve designed Commusoft’s customer database to be simple for novice non-technical users. But at the same time, it’s hugely customisable. Keyboard shortcuts, customisable drop downs, all let you tailor Commusoft to your specific needs. We’ve  simplified the navigation on both the PC and the mobile to make it as easy as possible for engineers to use. There are no confusing menus. There are no excessive buttons.

Commusoft’s customer database allows you to store all of your information in a single location, and then export that to tools like MailChimp, to send out hundreds of emails in a matter of seconds. When you’re starting to record this information accurately, you’re able to report on it; to see the value, to getting back, to see how many jobs did you get out of that.

For me, the most powerful feature in commusoft is Search. The ability to search using a name, address, telephone number, email address, to almost anything, just allows you and anyone in your company to access those customer details immediately.

Key benefits using Commusoft:

  • Gain potential large revenue and profitability
  • Make your customers happy
  • Eliminate much of the admin task
  • Improve your customer relationship management
  • Make asset customer database a profitable part of your business

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