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The Top 10 IoT Challenges FMs Face and How to Solve Them

Over the past few years, the life of a facilities manager has changed drastically. Industry 4.0 – or the 4th industrial revolution – has pivoted modern society into an era of permanent connectivity and interdependence.

Commusoft announced an exciting new stock control system!

Managing stock is a challenge for many field service businesses, whether knowing what is in stock and where, tracking parts from delivery to installation, or simply organising the stockroom. To help companies solve these problems, Commusoft has released a multi-location stock control solution as part of their all-in-one job management software. On May 16th, CEO and founder, Jason Morjaria, unveiled this new feature to clients at the annual Commusoft product round-up event.

Commusoft brings stock control to field service

Commusoft has added stock control functionality to its job management software. The announcement was the main reveal in the keynote by CEO and founder Jason Morjaria at its annual product round-up event. In adding stock control to its job management solution it meets a pressing need of field service organisations.

The role of a Facilities Manager in Space Planning & Employee Wellbeing

Workplace wellbeing has been trending recently in business circles. As experts in business productivity have contributed with proof, it stands clear that space planning and intelligent building design play a big role in the quality of life for professionals which in turn directly influences the output of a company.

10 Experts Weigh In On How to Build Hype for Your New Product Introduction

Garnering excitement and building the hype your brand needs to ensure a successful product launch is no simple task. It takes extensive planning, strategic execution, and a little brand equity to guarantee your customers are eager and ready to purchase when the time comes.

Twitter Marketing Isn’t Dead, You’re Just Doing it Wrong – CMSWire

Today, while Twitter usage numbers have seen better days, it’s engaged audience is ready to conversate on a level not possible on other social networks. But as Cristina Maria, marketing executive at Commusoft, noted, Twitter can only be proven to be a worthy platform if you know your objectives and expectations.

5 Incredible Ways IoT Helps Asset Management – Facilities Show 2019

The digital revolution has affected every industry, changing how managers operate, the way strategies are designed, and how individuals interact with their work environment. 

4 FM Challenges And How Workplace Technology & Software Can Help – Facilities Show 2019

The common pain points of Facilities Managers in this situation usually revolve around four dilemmas or challenges.

Best IT Service Software | 2019 – Cloud Small Business Service

IT Service Software can be the most important part of a company’s system. It is the backbone of the company which supports all of its essential parts to keep the business fully operational.

What is GDPR – and what must I do? – Registered Gas Engineer magazine (PDF)

Commusoft created a useful GDPR checklist designed for small field service businesses — like many registered gas engineers. Registered Gas Engineer ran the main actions and points to check to make sure that you’re in compliance.

25 Creative Business Negotiation Tips: How to Get Buyers to Pay More – FitSmallBusiness

Almost every business negotiation will include negotiating prices. For sellers, the challenge is to convince their clients that their product or service is worth more than its price. But not all buyers are the same, so FitSmallBusiness rounded up expert tips to help you get your buyers to pay more.

Learn How to Increase B2B Sales With These 9 Expert Tips – Capterra B2B Marketing Blog

How do you increase your sales when it feels like you’re just trying to keep your head above water? How do you improve your sales process to keep the leads coming in and keep your revenue climbing up? Capterra talked to a panel of B2B sales experts to provide you with some B2B sales tips to do just that.

9 Core Strategies to Help You Generate Leads And Grow Your Marketing Game – Leadpages

It takes a brand an estimated 6 to 8 touches with a web user before even generating a viable sales lead that can convert. That means you need both a strong quantity and quality of leads that will move through a revenue-generating sales funnel. Leadpages dove in and explored how to generate leads effectively with 9 simple tips and tricks.

10 tips for leaders to better engage their remote workforce – TechCrunch

Companies with fully remote workforces are becoming more of a norm in the tech industry. However, managing a widespread workforce and keeping remote employees engaged can be a challenge for leaders. TechCrunch offered 10 tips for leaders to better engage their remote workforce, from those with experience in the matter.

14 Entrepreneurs List Their Favorite Business Blogs – CEO Blog Nation

We all have that one business blog that addresses our pain points and motivates us to press on. As an entrepreneur, there’s also need to stay informed about the latest trends in our respective industries where most of this information can be found on business blogs. CEO Blog Nation asked entrepreneurs and business owners about their go-to business blogs, and here’s what they had to say.

10 Biggest Myths in SEO. What You Should Forget About in 2018 – TemplateMonster

Search engines are getting smarter, but technically focused SEO is no longer relevant in 2018. Today Google and the best SEO strategies are oriented on users’ problems first. But there are myths that people still believe in. TemplateMonster asked over seventy SEO experts about methods that do not work.

Commusoft Releases Real-Time GPS to Help Field Service Businesses Create Efficient Schedules & Save Money – Field Service News

Field service businesses have a lot of problems that keep them from thriving–like scheduling challenges, high fleet maintenance costs, too few jobs, and wide service windows that keep customers waiting all day. Field Service News covered how these businesses can solve all these issues with Commusoft’s new Real-Time Vehicle Tracking feature.

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