Online Booking

Convert more leads with online booking

Drive efficiency with the scheduling process by taking appointment bookings online. Whether embedding our online booking portal onto your business's website or taking bookings directly from your communications, customers simply select their preferred date and time window for their service. Commusoft then automatically adds the appointment to your schedule with no extra work on your part.

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We give you a straightforward system to allow customers to book online. Information from new customers can quickly get added into your work order management system and returning customers can also book with ease.


No need to manually take your bookings and transfer the customer details, job request, and appointment date and time into your database. Commusoft automatically does this for you—freeing up time for more high-value tasks.


Many customers these days prefer online booking as opposed to setting up an appointment over the phone. The ability to book online provides familiar and easy ways for customers to give you their business, which in turn drives revenue.

Key functionalities of online booking

  • Enable customers to book online
  • Add a booking portal to your website
  • Choose which jobs types are available
  • Appointments automatically scheduled
  • Can integrate into your service reminders
  • Works for tenant communications too
online booking widget on website

Turn your website into a 24/7 lead generation machine

Embed a booking portal right onto your company’s website. By simply clicking the ‘Book Online’ button, customers can select the service they need at their preferred date and time. Returning customers are recognised, whilst new customers can easily input their contact information, which then gets recorded in your customer database.

Online booking automatically goes into diary

Online booking that schedules intelligently into your diary

Avoid additional data entry by letting customers schedule straight into your diary. Available on Customer Journey plans and above, the online booking system runs on intelligent scheduling and only shows available appointments with engineers who have the needed skills. Pick which jobs people can book online and present a window of availability to your customers (e.g. morning, afternoon, or a window such as 8 am-10 am), whilst in your diary it will be listed at a more precise time.

Online booking photo upload

Allow customers to attach files and notes

Pictures can add a wealth of information for the engineer, that’s why the online booking portal for your website allows customers to attach up to 3 photos to their submission. A simple photo of the issue can make it more clear how your team can best prepare for the job. Customers can also add notes to communicate specific details about their appointment.

customers book service jobs online

Exceed customer expectations by prioritising their convenience

The easier it is to book an appointment, the more likely you are to win business. It can be difficult for some customers to find the time to call and book appointments during the workday. Alternatively, online booking allows customers to book jobs 24/7. You can include the price of the service so they know upfront how much it will cost. Commusoft also sends personalised confirmation emails, which automatically sends to customers when they complete their online booking.

See exactly how online booking can help your business prosper

Online service booking

Let customers book jobs directly from your communications

You can use online booking for more than just your website. We take the booking experience further by allowing your customers to arrange appointments from your emails and text messages, too. With this functionality, you can opt to include a booking link directly within your service reminders and tenant communications, so customers can book their service as soon as you contact them. The chosen appointment then transfers into your schedule with no additional admin required. Giving customers the power to book these jobs themselves is an easy way to drive customer satisfaction and help your team get to work sooner.

online booking request form

Alternatively, you can offer simple job requests

Our Go Paperless planoffers a more simple booking experience—for your website only—so customers can request jobs online without the appointment going directly into your diary. New and returning customers can still conveniently communicate their availability via the online booking form. Your office staff is then immediately notified, so they can go ahead and arrange with the customer to set the appointment up.

Ready to start taking job booking online?

  • Easy for customers
  • Increase lead conversion
  • Cut back on admin time