Thrill Residential Customers, Time After Time

The key to a successful residential service business is trust. When customers rely on your reputation, professionalism, and quality of service, they keep returning to your business. Discover how Commusoft's home service software helps you earn that trust.

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Reimagine Your Customer Journeys


Whether you call it a domestic service, residential service, or home service – your business is centred on engineers visiting your customers’ homes to conduct emergency work, planned services, and installations. Home service software guides your entire team each step, so you can offer an automated and personalised offerings. This level of dedication ultimately keeps clients satisfied and invites higher-value contracts your way.

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Customers book on the website

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The right engineer is alerted

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The office and client track their route

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Frictionless invoicing and payments

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Earn more loyal customers

The Best Home Service Software

It’s time for an update! Home service businesses can't thrive with crumpled wads of paperwork and outdated software. With a dedicated customer database, streamlined scheduling and dispatching, and professional invoicing options, the Commusoft platform organises all aspects of home service job management. Standardised admin and field workflows ensure you can effortlessly fulfil, and exceed, customer agreements.

Manage service contract plans

Bring Home Bigger Profits

Secure Regular Appointments

Take pressure off admins and please customers with Commusoft! Our automated service reminders and planned preventative maintenance schedules increase job bookings, and boost company cash-flow.

Uncomplicated Parts Ordering

Arriving with the right parts not only helps you complete jobs quicker, happier customers are more likely to book future appointments. Empowering your team to order, or request parts from anywhere, means you can make deliberate business purchases!

Get Paid Faster

Not only can accelerated payments can pad your bottom line, closing jobs faster gives your team the ability to complete more appointments per week. With Commusoft your team can send custom invoices to clients directly from the field, from the office, or automatically.

Customer database software

Accomplish More Each Day

Make Space for Important Tasks

Free up your office team’s schedules; our residential service software serves as another team member! Commusoft’s organisational structure and automations take the weight off your admin team, so they can both focus on a wider variety of tasks, and customer care.

Centralised Customer Records

Efficiently serving customers is a great way to guarantee repeat business! When customers call, admins will have access to unique customer contact details, job history, asset records, communication logs, and more, all safely stored within our home service software.

Oversee Your Mobile Workforce

Commusoft isn’t just great for admins, our mobile app was built to support your field crews. Your entire team will be connected no matter what: our mobile app works without internet connection, syncing valuable data when connection returns.

Customer database communication logs

Provide an Unmatched Experience

Be Prepared When Customers Call

When a customer calls, your admins will have access to current and past job files, invoicing details, full communication history, and more. Exceeding customer expectations has never been easier!

Improve Customer Retention

Our residential services mobile app ensures your engineers arrive to job sites prepared. Your crews can accomplish more without reaching out to the office. Wowing customers with your savvy and well-equipped team increases your likelihood of winning repeat business.

Grow Your Business

Great customer experiences are everything. Commusoft’s home service software can help you secure more referrals and earn better reviews, so you can win more new and repeat business. If you’re set on growth, Commusoft can help.

Streamline Daily Operations

Empower Your Entire Team


Office Manager

R&S Plumbing & Heating Ltd

We have used Commusoft for over 10 years now and it has changed the way we work. Job records for all our clients helps our engineers with technical history when they are on site. Commusoft helps the office team manage estimating, invoicing and reporting; which ultimately benefits our clients!

Join Thousands of Other Engineers

Stand Apart With Unmatched Customer Satisfaction


Win Loyal Customers


It’s a no brainer: professional service reminders compel customers to choose your business, time and time again! Not only do service reminders secure more repeat jobs, automatic messages take pressure off your admins, giving them the freedom to handle higher value tasks. We understand how important steady business is for home services companies, that's why we offer self-service booking portals, service reminders, and digital feedback options!

Service reminders portal

Customers Book on the Website


Create a convenient way to win more jobs and reduce admin time with a customer self-service tool. Commusoft's Online Booking tool empowers customers to request appointments on their own. Not only does this streamline the booking process for both customers and your admins, 24/7 availability via your website is sure to impress customers! In an increasingly digital field service world, Online Booking is a great way to ensure your home services company doesn't miss out on any business opportunities.

Online booking into diary

Increase Recurring Revenue


Growing your residential business relies on repeat services and payment schedules. That's why Commusoft's home service software enables admins to build custom service contract workflows and manage them digitally. This means you can increase the amount of customers under contract without needing to hire. Further, you can create auto-payment schedules, which allows your team to get paid without customers having to lift a finger. Digital service contract management is the key to scaling your business with confidence.

Manage service contract plans

The Right Part When You Need It


Engineers having the right parts, or being able to request parts orders on site is essential. Not only is this a professional way to serve customers, a dedicated parts platforms means your team can complete jobs quicker. Commusoft's home service software and stockroom mobile app lets you manage stock in real-time, so you’ll never arrive at a job missing necessary parts again. Your teams can create clear histories for every appliance, so you’ll know which parts are needed, where to get them, and ensure they get to the right people.

Multi-location stock control system

Frictionless Invoicing and Payments


No one wants to tediously generate invoices, so why not let Commusoft help? Our customisable tools help your team manage your invoicing processes with greater precision, keep your cash flowing through your business. With Commusoft, you can create and send invoices from the field, office, or automatically. Or, commercial clients can handle payments through a personalised self-service statement portal. Not only are our invoices configurable and professional, this solution encourages customers to pay accurately and on-time!

Invoicing on mobile and web

Get More From Home Service Software

  • Discover What Else Commusoft Can Do for You

    Each aspect of your business and services should work together to ensure you provide the very best customer care. After all, unparalleled experiences keep customers coming back. From scheduling and dispatching, to financial and business reporting, and so much more, the Commusoft Jobs platform guarantees you can prioritise both customer and employee happiness, all while bringing home increased profits!

    Commusoft mobile apps
  • The Perfect Fit for Your Team

    Whether you work in the HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, Roofing industry, or others, Commusoft is flexible enough to handle your unique workflows. With Commusoft, your team can expertly balance maintenance, installation, and appliance servicing workflows for each residential client!

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  • Empower Your Office Team

    The Commusoft solution emphasises the significance of more time, less mistakes, and happier customers for admins. With streamlined scheduling and dispatching, customer database, and job records, your office will have all the tools they need to please clients and win more business.

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  • Get the Most From Commusoft

    We understand your daily operations depend on various digital products. That's why Commusoft offers powerful accounting, business, communication, and payment gateway integrations, so your team is equipped with the tools they need to efficiently tackle tasks.

    Accounting integrations
  • Choose the Best Solution for Your Team

    Commusoft offers a variety of plans and licensing options. Whether you want to access our advanced suite of job management tools, or employ daily contractors for your home services, Commusoft has the ideal solution for you.

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Get More From Home Service Software

Join Thousands of Other Engineers

Home Service Software FAQs

  • Our home services scheduling software stores all customer and job information in one place, replacing the need for separate diaries, sticky notes, and whiteboards.

    Through their service scheduling software, your admins can analyse customers and job histories, create and add new clients and jobs, edit events, and more, all without needing to call or text your engineers. Commusoft automatically notifies your remote team members when events are updated.

    Home services scheduling software streamlines all company workflows. This makes it easy for admins to see what your mobile team is up to, helps engineers accomplish more each day, and empowers your residential business to bring home bigger profits while pleasing customers.

    Learn more about Commusoft’s diary management software!

  • We are fully devoted to customer training and care at Commusoft; if our clients aren’t successful, neither are we. To ensure you get the very most out of the Commusoft system, training is required when onboarding. We offer varying training packages based on the plan you choose. These are personalised, 1-1 sessions with an assigned Commusoft trainer.

    Support doesn’t end following your last session; our dedicated client services team is available via email support. We also maintain a dedicated Knowledge Base with help articles covering all corners of the Commusoft platform. We’re there when you need us.

    Learn more about training and onboarding with Commusoft here!

  • Commusoft’s home service software offers a variety of laboursaving features; these can be used across all aspects of your residential service business.

    If you want to get paid faster, set and deliver automated invoices to customers as soon as your engineer completes a job! The Commusoft platform makes it easy for admins to create and assign automated invoices against different job types; you’ll always be in the driver’s seat.

    Juggling customer communications is difficult enough as it is. With Commusoft, your admins can create and set bespoke service reminders to send to customers when their appliances are due for a checkup. Not only does this lift weight off your office team, this tool makes it easier to exceed customer expectations while increasing the likelihood of booking repeat jobs.

    Instead of manually building reports, Commusoft automatically gathers real-time data and generates reports across all corners of your business. This way, business decision makers can spend more time implementing change, rather than scrambling for numbers.

    This is just the tip of the iceberg! Ready to see Commusoft’s automated features in action? Book a call with our team today!

  • Trials are a great opportunity to further evaluate Commusoft. Trial versions are available upon request, following an online demonstration of the platform with one of our product experts.

    Learn about Commusoft’s Free Trial here!

  • Yes; our home services software integrates with accounting software including Quickbooks Online, Xero, Sage Accounting and 50cloud, and a variety of communication, business, and supplier integrations too!

    Check out all our integrations!

  • Our home services software pricing depends on which one of our plans you choose and how many team members you have. Learn more about Commusoft’s plans and pricing here.

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