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Commusoft's key benefits

Commusoft Key benefits

If you are running a field engineering business you obviously want to ensure that your engineers and technicians are optimally deployed to maximise revenue while meeting your service level agreement (SLA) commitments.

This is key to:

  • winning market share

  • improving customer satisfaction and experience

  • reducing administrative overheads

  • increasing your profitability and growth

The key to doing this is ensuring that your managers, front of house operations staff, mobile workers and back-office admin are always on the same page, with everyone concerned having access to the information and reports they need to complete workflows and processes efficiently.

Commusoft Service Dispatch Software enables field service companies – in a range of sectors such as IT and engineering maintenance, installation and support – to move to the next level.

Resource optimisation

It starts with resource optimisation. The larger and more successful your operation becomes, the more difficult it can become to manage it using manual methods or software-based diary systems that are not up to the task.

Basically, you want to reduce travel time and maximise the number of jobs that your mobile workers can complete in a single day.

With Commusoft Service Dispatch software you can make light work of the traditionally tough process of managing changes to schedules, cancelled jobs and travel planning.

Always connected

Commusoft Service Dispatch Software makes use of the internet and mobile communications technology with handheld computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets to automate field service processes and help field service personnel do their jobs better and faster.

With Commusoft’s smart mobile client technology, field service technicians are able to complete their work, uninterrupted, even if they are working on sites or in locations where there is no internet access.

Your field engineers and technicians, therefore, have remote visibility to contacts, locations, problem details, job site information, account and equipment history.

Ease of use

Commusoft Service Dispatch Software is designed to make it incredibly easy to take a customer phone call, record job details and dispatch and engineer in real-time. Engineers are equipped with all the information they need including address details, contact information, asset details, job history and related attached files.

Engineers: report back updating the service dispatcher with status updates when they are travelling to the job, when they have arrived when they have completed the job and when they have left the site. 

Engineers complete a customisable job report, complete tasks, take photos and complete certificates all from their iPhones, iPad, Android phones or Android tablets. 

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Commusoft's main features

Commusoft's main features

Inventory management

A large part of your company’s capital may be tied up in inventory, while effective customer relationship management depends on your engineers’ ability to turn up to the customer site with the right parts and equipment.

With Commusoft Service Dispatch Software you can keep track of inventory and parts workflows, ensuring that engineers in the field are up to date with part availability, improving transparency and reducing scheduling mistakes. New parts can be ordered just-in-time to minimise unnecessary inventory and storage costs.

Same-day invoicing

“Cash is King” so same-day invoicing can make a huge difference to your company’s financial management. When done, the customer approves the job by signing the technician’s screen on tablet or smartphone.

With the touch of a button, the completed work order is automatically sent to the office for processing and customer billing. At the same time, the technician or a member of the office staff can email or print a copy of the work summary to multiple customer contacts.

Effective customer relationship management

Which are your most profitable and least profitable customers? Where are you exceeding or falling short of SLA commitments? What are the relevant processes (purchase orders, invoicing, access etc.) relating to a specific customer?

With the power of Commusoft, you can respond to customers faster and treat them as individuals with specific requirements, improve their satisfaction and enable full SLA compliance. Improved response time and real-time status availability can also help you attract new business based on the value of your field service force.

These and many other benefits offered by Commusoft Service Dispatch Software will go a long way to improving your business’s growth and profitability.

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