Build Professional Proposals That Win You More Work

Great proposals are much more than a list of parts and a quoted price. Designed especially for trades businesses, Commusoft’s proposal builder enables sales teams to create sleek and professional proposals to match any sales structure. Whether you offer customers three or 30 options, wish to showcase a variety of add-ons, or suggest more expensive upgrades, it’s all possible with Commusoft.

Commusoft proposal management software and proposal builder
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Proposal Management Built For The Trades

Create Beautiful Proposals

Drag and drop pages, text blocks, images, videos, and tables to create sleek custom proposals.

Offer Multiple Options

Present different service and part options to prospects to boost your chances of winning the work.

Sell More Add-ons

Persuade your prospects with optional add-ons and upgrades that increase revenue further.

Import Survey Notes

Create proposals unique to customers by importing site data and photos collected during the survey.

Optimise Pricing

Present pricing your way, with breakdown options for parts, labour, expenses, and discounts.

Template Everything

Save time and improve consistency with custom templates for proposals, options, add-ons, and more.



PCL Heating and Gas Engineers

Commusoft Sales gives us the chance to sell to customers more visually and cuts down on lengthy paragraphs of text. We can incorporate photos and videos, which help the customer to decide on the options within our proposals, and make it a more personalised experience.”

Stand Out From the Competition

Create Eye-Catching Documents in Minutes


Your proposal is the culmination of your sales process; it’s the final chance to showcase your brand and offering before prospects make a final decision. Commusoft’s proposal builder makes it easy for you to design and deploy proposals that not only look the part but are structured exactly as you need. With custom templates, anyone in your team can consistently roll out a professional proposal in a matter of minutes.

  • Add images, videos, tables, and survey notes directly into your proposals
  • Embed real-time pricing tables for materials, labour, and other costs
  • Add multiple options, add-ons, and upsells to drive further revenue
Drag and drop to easily build proposals

Increase Your Chances of Winning


It’s well known that consumers love choice. That’s why Commusoft makes it simple for your salespeople to present multiple options within proposals. This is ideal for good, better, best sales strategies. With a dedicated page and pricing for each option, you can showcase and highlight the unique benefits of your offering while raising the likelihood of securing the job.

  • Customers select their desired option when they accept the proposal
  • Template your options to quickly add them to other proposals
  • Use text, images, and videos to showcase your offerings
Offer multiple options in your sales proposals

Don’t Leave Money on the Table

Maximise Profits from Each Opportunity


Including add-ons and upgrades not only offers customers more but also boosts the monetary value of the proposed work. Commusoft users can pair any number of add-ons and upsells with the options in the proposal, enabling them to tailor their offering with profitability in mind.

  • Design templated add-on pages to include in your proposals
  • Allow prospects to conveniently choose their add-ons and upgrades
  • Manage pricing and markup for each offering
Upsell and add-on extras to your proposals

Convert More Customers with Self-Service


With a few clicks, your completed proposal is sent to the prospect and is ready to accept. Commusoft’s 24/7 self-service portal, not only showcases your professional proposal, but gives prospects an intuitive experience as they browse the different options and add-ons, clarify contact details, and handle any payments.

  • Put customer convenience first with a digital experience
  • Customers make their choices and payments without calling your team
  • Guide your prospects through the required steps to saying yes
Proposal portal conveniently offering customers multiple choices

Produce Unrivalled Proposals

  • Give Prospects The Full Picture

    Your salespeople have the choice to include transparent pricing tables, which detail line items, labour, material costs, and expenses. It’s up to you to choose whether or not to display a full pricing breakdown, quantities, unit prices, or taxes. All of this financial information is logged and summarised in the proposal builder, so you can monitor profitability and optimise job costing as you go.

  • Build Proposals Your Way

    Proposals made with Commusoft can be shaped exactly as you see fit. You’re not limited by number of pages, options, or add-ons. Compared to typical quoting software, this gives you the freedom to showcase your company, services, and products in the way that works best for you. Winning proposals often include pages highlighting your company history, reviews from previous customers, or even introductions and photos from your team.

  • Incorporate Existing Content in Your Proposals

    Commusoft users have the freedom to upload and include pages from any PDF files in option and proposal templates. Once imported, individual pages can be moved and deleted as necessary within the editor.

  • Leverage Our Design Professionals

    Don't have an eye for design? Commusoft is partnered with certified designers, including Wigwag, Summerton Digital, Levitus, and Splendid Apple, who can help take your proposals to the next level.

Produce Unrivalled Proposals

Sales Proposal Software FAQs

  • Proposal management software is a digital solution that enables sales teams to build and customise standardised company templates. This system streamlines the proposal creation process while ensuring salespeople include accurate information.

    Commusoft Sales takes proposal management to the next level by stressing the significance of adding true value, rather than solely listing what an appliance does. We offer users the flexibility to structure their sales process and documents how they want. Eye-catching and branded proposals can help your team and your services stay top-of-mind.

    Further, with the ability to customise option templates, parts pricing, labor rates, add-ons, and upselling, Commusoft Sales users can tailor proposals to each prospect, diversify their offerings, and maximise service profitability.

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  • Commusoft’s sales proposal software pricing depends on how many licenses you need, and which of our powerful plans you choose!

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