Scale Your Growth With Company Data on Hand

Commusoft's reporting software provides full powerful insights into all facets of your trades business. With automated reports on your work orders to unique company finances, decision makers can make confident, data-backed choices.

Reporting overview

Reports Software Features

Reports Dashboard

Our dashboard displays comprehensive real-time reports concerning your entire trades business.

Preconfigured Reports

Our 40+ preconfigured reports allow you to dive into data on jobs, finances, parts, users, and more.

Customised Reports

Gain crucial business insights and view the exact data you want by creating custom reports.

Data Filters

Create personalised reports with our editable filers at any time and save them for future use.



W. Williams Plumbing and Heating Ltd

The reporting is a very useful and easy to use function, which is one of my favourite aspects of the software. Overall, I am very impressed with the software and very happy I decided to go with Commusoft.

Generate Reports for Any Occasion

Your Go-to Reporting Hub


Harness the information that matters to you with 40+ customizable reports and data filters. Commusoft’s reporting software helps admins and managers easily maintain your trades business, so you can focus on your growth.

  • Put all your company data to work
  • Perfect customer experiences with reports
  • Understand where your business is most profitable
Reporting overview

Real-Time Information Within Reach


Prosper with critical business metrics! Our reporting software offers impactful customizations, allowing you to rearrange your dashboard with drag and drop widgets. Popular client reporting widgets include sales by month, customer satisfaction, and job statuses.

  • Widgets ensure that vital data is always accessible
  • Pin reports and widgets to your dashboard
  • Make tough decisions with real-time data
Commusoft reporting dashboard

See How You Can Get the Most of Your Data With Professional Reports!

Justify Big Decisions With Accurate Reports

Stay in the Loop


No company information should ever be a surprise or mystery! Commusoft’s reports and dashboard suite makes data comprehension easier, so you can anticipate new growth opportunities, outpace competitors, and expand your business with confidence.

  • Manage parts, finances, jobs, timesheets, and more
  • Forecast where your company is headed
  • Print or download an Excel file of any report
Reporting job status

Improve Customer Care


Customer satisfaction is a must. Offering a convenient self-service feedback portal makes it easy for customers to review their appointments. Customers can leave a simple thumbs up or down, and have the option to write a message. When you understand customer needs, you can provide unmatched services! After all, happy customers fuel continuous cash-flow into your business.

  • Dig in with our customer satisfaction report
  • Understand what delights your customers
  • Identify opportunities to improve client experiences
Customer satisfaction report

Reporting Software for the Trades

  • Finance Reports

    Commusoft's finance reports track estimates, expenses, purchase orders, profits, debts, sales, and more, so you can make the best financial decisions.

    Reporting on sales profit
  • Job Reports

    Study every job your company has ever carried out in one report, and see predefined reports for jobs that are outstanding, free of charged, or terminated.

    Report on outstanding jobs
  • Profit Reports

    Our profit reports help clients get an in-depth look at which jobs are proving especially cost-effective, or not, for your trades business.

    Job costing profit report
  • Parts and PO Reports

    Parts reports show the number of parts installed within certain time frames, requested, ordered, and available parts, plus any parts due to be delivered.

    Purchase orders tracking costs
  • Print and Download

    All Commusoft reports can easily be shared with your entire team and key decision-makers with options to print, download, or export to Excel.

    Timesheet management software desktop view

Reporting Software for the Trades

Reporting Software FAQs

  • Reporting software is a program that generates charts, tables, and graphs which can be used for analysing business performance; a dashboard is a digital platform where this information is displayed.

    Commusoft’s reporting dashboard combines these into one easy-to-comprehend platform that generates and displays 40+ customisable reports and data filters. With more information about the wellness of their business, our clients can control their growth while making self-assured decisions.

    Ready to see our reporting dashboard software in action? Book a call with our team today!

  • The best reporting software offers the ability to take stock of customer satisfaction. With Commusoft, you can send an email or text message with a link where customers can give feedback on your services in a comment box, and give a thumbs up or down. Customer thumbs up and down responses are aggregated into a pie chart of customer satisfaction. With this data, you can understand where your business is thriving, or identify areas around client care that need to be tweaked.

    Want tips on how to ask for reviews through emails? Download your free guide here!

  • Field service report software pricing depends on how many licenses you need, and which of our powerful plans you choose.

    Our reporting dashboard is available on Commusoft’s Customer Journey plan and higher.

    Learn more about each of our plans and pricing ➞

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