Maintain Customer Communications With Alerts and Notifications

Alerts and notifications are a breeze with Commusoft. You can send personalised and automated reminders, confirmations, alerts, and messages to customers right from your job management software; helping them stay on top of their appointments.

Alerts and notification types

Consistently Reach Customers With Alerts and Notifications

On the Way Messages

Send an 'on the way’ message to customers to let them know that your engineer is en route to their property. Upgrade for “Uber-style” profile with live location.

Track Communications

Comprehensive communication histories mean you'll never miss anything. View them in your customer accounts.

Confirmations and Reminders

Help customers keep track of their appointments with personalised reminder messages.

Automate Processes

Avoid typing the same message over and over with message templates. You can set communications to automatically send.

Email and Text Messages

Commusoft makes it easy to send your customer alerts and notifications by email or text message.

Protected Digital Records

All company data is safely hosted in Commusoft's secure cloud.



Ainsdale Gas Ltd

I have used Commusoft for 8 years. Our customers are impressed with the detailed job reports, record keeping, invoices, service reminders, and automated communications.

Forge Stronger Customer Connections

Communicate on Your Customers’ Terms


Communication is central to your relationship with your customers. Each customer comes with their own preferences, so we allow you to set which customers receive which mediums of communication. Many customer alerts and notifications in Commusoft are automated so you don’t have to lift a finger.

  • Send emails and text messages
  • Save time by automating common messages
  • Impress customers with timely messages with no extra effort
Alerts and notification types

No More Mishandled Communications


Writing email after email wastes time. We give your team the freedom to create message templates within Commusoft. You can choose to automate communications to ensure that the right message for the occasion is sent every time. Want a personal touch? Add personalised information tags!

  • Create your own personalised message templates
  • Add tags with customer name, address, service date, and more
  • Never forget to send a message again
Messaging templates

Take Charge of Your Alerts and Notifications

Help Customers Stay Aware


Commusoft automatically generates confirmations and reminders based on your message templates. When a job is booked, you can choose to send a confirmation message that provides the customer with a record of the appointment date, time, and any other details.

  • Send automatic reminders whenever you want
  • Ensure all contracted agreements are met
  • Reduce no-access jobs
Job reminder email

No Overlooked Details


Centralising all customer correspondence makes it easier to fulfil contracted requirements and agreements. Commusoft records every alert and notification you send to your customers. With full access to complete customer histories, your staff can quickly respond to customers with accurate information.

  • Logs are ordered by date and are fully searchable
  • Staff are prepared to respond to customer inquiries
  • Send new communications, add notes, or log phone calls
Supplier correspondence

Alerts and Notifications FAQs

  • Alerts and notifications software is a digital system that organises and streamlines real-time customer updates. An example is an “on-the-way” message.

    The best alerts and notifications software, like Commusoft, take weight off your team by helping them send manual or automatic messages to customers at the right time! We’ll help your team provide unmatched self-service customer experiences, all with minimal effort from your team.

    Furthermore, timely updates make it easier to maintain relationships with customers who are under contract. Proven dependability and reliability ensure your team will consistently win contracts and renewals. It seems small, but great communication is a cornerstone of customer loyalty.

  • Commusoft can handle a variety of different communications; you can send on-the-way notifications, and service reminder text messages and emails, all of which can be personalised and sent either manually or automatically.

    Show customers you care! You can also create and send custom messages to suit your business and unique customer preferences.

    Ready to see alerts and notifications in action? Book a call with our team today!

  • Our alerts and notifications software pricing depends on how many licenses you need, and which of our powerful plans you choose.

    Learn more about each of our plans and pricing ➞

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