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Commusoft is a field management software

Software has changed significantly in the last five years. Users don’t simply expect Field Service Management Software to work, they expect it to be easy to use and “beautiful”, making their everyday tasks enjoyable. 

People are so familiar with software such as Google Drive, Facebook and Dropbox that they have come to expect the same beauty with the systems they use to manage their core business.

What is Commusoft?

Commusoft is a modern Field Service Management Software that makes managing jobs a pleasure. It is specifically designed for any size of business with mobile workers, for example in field service, maintenance and installation.

Commusoft's main features

Differentiation through professionalism

Because it is a pleasure to use, Commusoft will gain rapid acceptance in your field service company, becoming an integral part of your business. And then you will start to see the benefits not only in terms of better time utilisation but also in terms of customer satisfaction. It will make you stand out from your competition through your professionalism and quality of service.

Commusoft enables you to streamline:

  • your business processes
  • improve internal communication between office staff and engineers
  • reduce wasted visits and improving first-time fix rates

For example, the office tools enable operations staff to easily identify the most suitable engineer based on location, schedule their work and communicate jobs to engineers in the field in real time, i.e. instantly.

Field service engineers on site

Engineers receive job information on their smartphone or tablet and immediately have a 365o view of the customer, the site and the particular job. Previous job history, engineer notes, photographs and certificates are available for the engineer to review along with parts required and tasks to complete on-site.

Once engineers have completed the relevant tasks and job report, they are required close the job and capture a customer signature. Information is then relayed back to the office, proactively notifying the finance team to invoice the job the same day.

Manage your team more effectively

Service reports give managers and operations directors insights into key performance indicators (KPIs) such as first-time fix rate, the number of jobs completed, average time on-site, average travel time which can all be exported and shared with colleagues.

Promote your brand

Automatic reminders to customers to help manage regular services reduce the burden on operations staff and increase repeat business. They also ensure that your company name and brand gets regular, timely and appropriate exposure. Customisable letters, emails and SMS allow you to send out relevant information to customers who are due to a service and prompt them to book in the work.

Got a new product upgrade or service offering? With Commusoft it is easy to identify the customers who are most likely to respond and send out a tailored communication.

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Enterprise-grade solutions

Key benefits white

Commusoft’s works with partners and systems integrators such as:

  • the Wolseley Group
  • Sage
  • Quickbooks,
  • Xero
  • FreeAgent
  • Freshbooks
  • Cashflow
  • Stripe
  • iZettle

Commusoft can provide an integrated all-in-one Field Service Management Software solution to meet the needs of small and large businesses.

Commusoft provides both the Field Service Management Software and full deployment, implementation and training services, so you can be sure that you’re getting the most out of your investment. 

Our enterprise clients receive regular check-ins with a dedicated account manager, who ensures that your organisation is utilising the software to its maximum potential.

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