Track Each Opportunity From Enquiry to Job Won

Tired of sending a quote and crossing your fingers? Commusoft enables field service companies to proactively oversee and pursue each enquiry, ensuring you make the most of every opportunity your business gets. See the difference when your salespeople can confidently track their pipelines, access a single source of truth for prospect and sales records, and build powerful processes for following up and winning more jobs.

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Everything You Need to Manage Your Opportunities

Oversee Every Opportunity

Empower salespeople to manage enquiries, proposals, and all activities from a dependable point of reference.

Build Your Pipelines

Build custom sales pipelines and easily follow opportunities through the stages of the buying journey.

Handle More Opportunities

Scale your selling, with time-saving templates, pre-configured notes, attached files, and handy automations.

Always Be Selling

Schedule and manage a variety of sales activities to guarantee your salespeople always know their next step.

Incorporate Job Site Data

Ensure surveyors record required information while on site, and seamlessly integrate data into your proposals.

Automate Follow-Ups

Ensure no opportunity is buried by enrolling leads in automated communication workflows with set triggers.

Convert More Prospects Into Customers

Oversee Every Stage of Selling


Visualise your opportunities across an intuitive sales pipeline and quickly see which ones are progressing and which are held up. Commusoft makes it effortless to manage multiple pipelines and customise the different stages to reflect your unique business and the services you offer. Whether by customer type, asset, or industry – it’s entirely up to you! Commusoft pipelines provide rich details at a glance, such as customer data, outstanding or upcoming activities, and potential revenue.

  • Drag and drop to move opportunities through your pipeline
  • Ensure no opportunity is forgotten about
  • Managers track sales performance from one place
Manage opportunities as they move through your pipeline

All Opportunity Details in One Place


All the information your salespeople need is kept in one easy-to-navigate opportunity record. With Commusoft, your team can develop a granular understanding of a single prospect by accessing a full communication history, upcoming activities, proposals and pricing, site and survey details, and more. Centralised records ensure everyone in your team is on the same page and avoids potential mistakes and confusion.

  • Work faster by creating new opportunities from templates
  • Quickly find what you need with convenient opportunity search and filters
  • Retain a full history of all your opportunities, even including those you lost
Commusoft opportunity management for trades businesses

Standardise and Simplify Your Sales Process

Stay One Step Ahead of Prospects


The right communications at the right time keep your sales moving and prospects interested. Commusoft lets salespeople schedule set activities, such as calls, emails, and SMS. Message templates standardise and accelerate those actions, guaranteeing your team say the right thing with minimal effort. Plus, with automation, you can place prospects in specific sequences, like email engagement campaigns that triggers every few days. These tools keep your company top of mind, bettering your chances of winning the job.

  • Personalise communications with smart customer tags
  • Create a library of templated emails and SMS for any situation
  • Build and customise your own automated sequences
Manage opportunities and their communications

Capture Valuable Information On Site


It’s difficult to build good proposals without accurate site data. That’s why Commusoft Sales offers surveyors and estimators a workflow to reliably capture site information through photos, forms, and notes – all from their smartphone. Survey forms are customisable per opportunity type, ensuring your sales team receives the exact details needed. This information can then be reviewed against the opportunity and quickly inserted into proposals with a few clicks.

  • Build survey questionnaires with highly customisable fields and logic
  • Schedule surveys directly to your engineers’ mobile devices
  • Completed surveys are instantly logged against the opportunity
Incorporate survey notes and images into your proposals

More Ways to Transform Opportunity Management

  • Start Selling Sooner

    Templates can streamline your sales process by quickly providing a uniform starting point for adding new opportunities. Every installation you offer can have a unique template with preset information such as notes, preferences, default customer messages, survey templates, and expiration rules. Plus, you can attach relevant files, such as product guides and sales brochures, so they’re always at hand. With these templates, you can ensure every person conducting sales offers prospects a consistent experience from the start.

  • Send Sales Data to Other Systems

    Take your operations to the next level by creating zaps that suit your unique sales workflows! Zapier empowers Commusoft users to automatically share data across platforms. Triggers include opportunity cancelled, opportunity won, pipeline stage changed, opportunity lost, and proposal sent. Meanwhile, Zapier can also action Commusoft to create a new opportunity. This gives you the power to connect different sales, marketing, and CRM tools to Commusoft as you see fit.

  • Recognise At-Risk Opportunities Quickly

    Rotting days highlight opportunities that have been idle for a set period of time within a pipeline stage. These can be set differently for each stage, for example, your enquiry stage may have 5 rotting days, while the proposal stage has 15 rotting days. When the number of rotting days is exceeded, the opportunity will clearly show as red in the pipeline, letting everybody know that the opportunity is idle and may need special attention.

  • Track Opportunities Beyond Won

    Most commonly, sales are considered complete when the customer accepts the proposal and the opportunity is marked as “won”. However, you can choose to continue tracking opportunities beyond won, for example, while financing is pending approval, until the deposit is paid, or until the job is scheduled. This is especially useful if your business expects the salesperson who secured the job to ensure that it moves ahead as planned.

  • Know Why Things Go Wrong

    Unfortunately, not every sale goes to plan. Naturally, some opportunities will be marked as “lost”. When this happens, tracking what went wrong and understanding why the prospect didn’t choose your business is important. Commusoft allows you to record the reasons why opportunities were lost or cancelled, so you can pinpoint areas to improve and enable sales teams to win more jobs going forward.

More Ways to Transform Opportunity Management

Sales Opportunity Software FAQs

  • Opportunity management software is a digital platform that enables salespeople to track and manage all sales activities effectively. Custom pipelines allow salespeople to view and organise their deals, ensuring no prospect falls through the cracks.

    Furthermore, centralised dashboards provide up-to-date information on each opportunity. Here they can also create and enrol leads in automated communication sequences. This means your sales team can follow up with prospects faster, and with accurate information.

    A personalised sales journey, where the salesperson showcases their expertise and attention to detail, and makes the prospect truly feel cared for, will have a considerable impact on the amount of new business you can win.

    If you’re tired of outdated quotes and are ready to take sales to the next level, book a call with our team today!

  • Commusoft’s opportunity management software pricing depends on how many licenses you need, and which of our powerful plans you choose!

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