Multiply Recurring Revenue With Service Reminder Software

Service reminder software provides a frictionless booking journey; increasing appointments and pleasing customers. Sent before the service is due, our service reminders include a link where customers can conveniently book appointments straight in your schedule. Further, automated reminders take more weight off your admin team.


Service Reminders That Are Convenient for Everyone

Automated Appointment Reminders

Revolutionise your reminders by automatically recording job due dates and sending service reminders.

Manual Job Reminders

Your team can determine which service types should be manually or automatically sent; the choice is yours.

Customisable Timeframes

Our timeframe settings can be modified to accommodate your businesses' various contracted agreements and maintenance plans.

Message Templates

Reminder messages can be customised for different customers or services with templates and personalisation tags.

Online Booking

This self-service solution empowers customers to schedule appointments on their own via a personalised link.

Follow Ups

Schedule automatic follow up messages for when customers haven’t yet responded and booked their service.



Aurora Heating Ltd

Maintaining your existing business with service reminders is great; and the ability to have your customer details and appliance data, work history, etc., at your fingertips is also great, saving time and offering your customer that "personal feeling".

Help Customers Stay On Top of Their Appointments

Book More Maintenance Jobs With Less Admin Work


Structured around convenience, automated job reminders eliminate the need to chase customers or have them call the office for routine services. Your team will notice an increase in efficiency, ability to focus on other high-value tasks, and ultimately more revenue from recurring service jobs.

  • Track and view every upcoming service job
  • Option to send automatic emails and text messages
  • Stay top of mind and get one up on competitors
Service reminders portal

Let Customers Help Themselves


Powered by Commusoft’s intelligent scheduling software, our appointment reminders give your customers greater control and lets them pick their booking in just a few clicks. The scheduled job will directly appear in your diary as soon as it’s scheduled, keeping things simple for your team.

  • Include a link to your convenient booking portal
  • Only offer available time slots with suitable engineers
  • Help customers stay-on-top of asset maintenance
Service reminders booking portal

Discover How Service Reminder Software Boosts Customer Satisfaction!

Create Service Reminders That Suit Your Business

Tailor the Experience to Your Customers


Our job reminders are fully customisable, with a unique template for each service or contract type, and offer tags to ensure you always include the right information for the customer. In Commusoft, different customer types get their own message templates, whether it’s a customer with multiple properties or a single residence.

  • Include specific and relevant data in reminders
  • Edit templates and tagging to suit your business
  • Templates for multi-property and private customers
Service reminder message templates

More Than Just Annual Reminders


Whether you’re scheduling an annual boiler service reminder or a monthly fire system check, you can easily customise the time frame for each service reminder to match its needs. You can also designate specific jobs as service jobs to auto-sync the reminder without anyone having to remember.

  • Set various time frames for different service plans
  • Instantly link a service reminder to a ‘service job’
  • The system automatically tracks the service date
Service reminders choosing time frame

Get Even More From Our Service Reminder Software

  • Auto Sync Appointments to Diaries

    The booking portal only shows customers available slots with engineers who have the right skills for that service. Once booked, jobs immediately sync to your diary and are sent to the corresponding engineer’s mobile app.

    Online booking into diary
  • Arrange Access for Tenants

    Service reminders for tenant properties are sent to the landlord or estate agent to seek their approval. With their go ahead, you can rely on our workflow to handle communications and booking with each tenant.

    Service reminder property access
  • Track Unbooked Services

    You can keep an eye on any service appointments that still haven’t been booked, the messages or follow ups that have been sent, and decide whether it’s time to give the customer a call.

    Reporting on service reminders
  • Annual Boiler Service Reminder

    Commusoft works for a variety of service and business types, but none better than annual boiler service reminders! With digital gas safety certificates tied to the repeat service, it couldn’t be easier for plumbing and heating engineers.

    Service reminders email
  • Self-Service Appointment Rebooking

    Whether phone lines are busy, your business is closed for the day, or customers forgot, they can reschedule appointments via their service reminder message. Empowering customers to help themselves lifts pressure from your admin team, and ensures technicians work from optimised schedules.

    online booking form

Get Even More From Our Service Reminder Software

Service Reminders FAQs

  • Service reminder software is a digital platform that helps trades businesses create and send notices for recommended servicing.

    This system is perfect for service maintenance businesses; service reminders show customers you care, meaning you can book more repeat appointments. Further, this helps reduce emergency call-out situations, while padding recurring revenue.

    Whether your business offers residential or commercial service contracts, Commusoft’s service reminder software ensures customers are notified about upcoming appointments and plan renewals. Setting and sending automated reminders gives your team one less thing to worry about, so you can expertly handle various levels of risk.

    Ready to see Commusoft’s service reminders in action? Book a call with our team today!

  • Commusoft’s service reminder software helps businesses increase cash-flow, please customers, and reduce emergency call-outs with scheduled maintenance appointments.

    With appointment reminders software, your office staff don’t need to manually track of each customer’s unique servicing requirements. Basic reminders can be automatically sent to customers, or staff can be alerted when specific reminders are due. This system organises and reduces admin tasks, so they can focus on more important responsibilities.

    Our appointment reminder software pairs with our online booking tool, so you can further reduce admin by giving your customers the option to book an appointment through a link to your booking portal in the service reminder message.

  • Commusoft’s service reminders software pricing depends on how many licenses you need, and which of our powerful plans you choose.

    Service reminders are available on Commusoft’s Customer Journey plan, or higher.

    Learn more about each of our plans and pricing ➞

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