Build Custom Forms for Any Situation

Build and create digital custom forms with Commusoft. These are perfect for every situation, especially as your business evolves. We offer a variety of different question and answer formats, so you can design the perfect form and easily get them into your customers' hands.


Increase Your Businesses’ Productivity With Custom Forms

Form Builder

Easily build forms with a variety of question and answer types. Your team will always gather error-free information.

Form Templates

Save time with templates: from safety assessments to inspection forms, to anything in-between, you'll be prepared for any situation.

Form Logic & Conditions

Collect precise information with questions based on specific dependencies and conditions.

Microsoft Word

Build and customise your custom forms within Microsoft Word, and upload them to Commusoft.

Mobile and Web

Custom forms are built to be completed by engineers on-site through their mobile app or on the web.

Integrated Records

Save custom forms with job reports and against customer records. This way no important information falls through the cracks.


Commercial Director

Ayrshire Tree Surgeons

[With] Commusoft [we] automate and centralise a lot of our checklists. We have a full repository of completed forms, and can refer back to them at any time.

Build Next-Level Custom Forms

Create Forms That Suit Your Needs


We understand that each business likes to do things a little differently. That’s why we give you the freedom to create as many custom forms as you want. Create safety forms, checklists, assessments, whatever you want. The document will then be available for engineers to use on site.

  • Create as many custom forms as you want
  • Personalise your forms with different question types
  • Present a professional and organised image to customers
custom forms - form builder

Uncomplicated Form Building


We integrate with Microsoft Word. Build your form template, and use our add-on to sync it to Commusoft. Simply drag and drop to quickly map the answer fields into your document. Generating a PDF that perfectly meets your vision has never been easier.

  • Create and design personal forms on Microsoft Word
  • You can then drag and drop to quickly map the answer fields into your document
  • Generating a PDF that perfectly meets your vision has never been easier
Microsoft word add-in for Commusoft custom forms

Categorise and Sort Your Custom Forms

An Organised, Paperless Solution


Our simple-to-use digital forms multiply employee productivity. Design your form page by page and set up sections within those pages to keep things organised. Your engineers can quickly complete forms and obtain customer signatures from the job site.

  • Dropdown fields make quick data entry possible
  • Our forms autocomplete with customer data
  • Eliminate unnecessary questions to and from customers
Deploy custom forms to mobile

Never Lose Customer Information


Your completed forms are always available. Commusoft’s comprehensive customer database and job management features store all actions and documents against the appropriate customer. Your staff will be fully informed when booking new jobs and discussing previous work with customers.

  • Completed forms are available in your work history,
  • Office staff can book jobs and speak to customers with confidence
  • Download, print, or email forms to anyone interested
Custom forms list

More Custom Form Capabilities

  • Send Branded Forms to Customers

    As soon as a form is complete, the engineer can instantly email a PDF version to the customer. The customer’s name, relevant addresses and any captured signatures will be automatically added to the form.

    custom forms PDF
  • Never Lose Track of Custom Paperwork

    Paper files and records tend to get mixed-up and lost. A paperless digital job management software safely stores forms and all your other vital data in the cloud.

    Customer database software web and mobile
  • Customise With 19 Question Types

    We provide different options for question structure, including yes/no questions, text answer fields, checkboxes, dropdown menus, and even file and photo attachments.

    custom forms - form builder
  • Further Customise With Dependencies

    Some forms will need follow-up questions and others won’t. With dependencies, you can set certain questions to only show based on specific conditions. It's up to you.

    Custom forms with dependencies

More Custom Form Capabilities

Custom Forms FAQs

  • Custom forms can help your business enforce site safety, meeting industry regulations, and document important job details for customers. With Commusoft, you can build and customise custom forms for practically any situation.

    Some examples include site safety forms, installation checklists, and maintenance workflows. Engineers complete these directly from the job site and receive digital customer signatures. Once approved by your office staff, completed custom forms can be emailed, or mailed straight to customers.

    Custom forms add a professional touch to your jobs, and make your business more memorable: increasing your chances of booking future jobs.

  • Unfortunately, we can’t commit to building customised forms for all of our clients.

    Don’t worry, we’ll give you all the tools you need to quickly create professional forms on your own! Our client success team is more than happy to show your team how to create and complete custom forms in your personalised training calls. Learn more about training and onboarding with Commusoft.

    If there are any bumps in the road, our client service team is a quick email or phone call away.

  • Our custom forms software pricing depends on how many licenses you need, and which of our powerful plans you choose.

    Learn more about each of our plans and pricing ➞

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