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To excel in the world of commercial work, your service business may need to meet specific requirements, demonstrate a successful track record, and be ready to scale your operations at a moment's notice. Fortunately, Commusoft is here to help.


Customise and automate every commercial journey

Whether you work with schools, restaurants, shops, or hospitals, your commercial customers will have high expectations of the service that your business provides. To ensure you’re prepared to meet them and your contractual obligations, your customer journeys will need to be customised to fit each client. Commercial service software helps you stay on track every step of the way, so you can offer an automated and personalised service that ultimately keeps clients satisfied and invites higher-value contracts your way.

35% improvement in customer feedback

90% less admin with online booking

50% quicker SLA reports

Handle All Commercial Work

Commercial service planned work features
Planned preventive maintenance
With a planned preventive maintenance schedule, you can plot out every required service and have the jobs be automatically created.
Book recurring services online
Commercial tenants can book recurring maintenance jobs online straight from their email, so they can conveniently book the best time for their business.
Renew & bill contracts each year
If your work is planned as part of a contract, it may need to be renewed on an annual basis - you can even automatically send the contract invoice too.
Commercial service reactive work
When a commercial customer calls with an emergency job, your team is informed and up to date thanks to the detailed customer database.
With real-time vehicle tracking, you can know where all your engineers are and select the closest to respond - or simply use the intelligent scheduling system!
TRACK Service level agreements
If you have to get an engineer to site within 4 hours, a countdown will display directly on the job record so office staff can stay on top of the SLA.

The Commercial Service Journey

Commercial Journeys Reimagined

Organise work to keep up with customer demand

To ensure jobs are always on time and involve minimal administrative burden, it’s important to manage customer contracts and maintenance schedules as efficiently as possible. By doing so, you can give customers peace of mind and demonstrate you know exactly what jobs need completing and when, no matter how many you take on!

  • Manage custom service contracts
  • Create detailed planned maintenance schedules
  • Automatically raise PPM jobs as they are due

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Stay on track with automated communications and a customer portal

Automated communications and a convenient customer portal can make certain that your services run smoothly, and that all stakeholders are kept up to date without fail. Whether it’s sending booking confirmations, arranging access to a specific work site, or automatically invoicing the customer, everyone is in-the-know, at all times.

  • Automate emails, text messages, and letters
  • Give 24/7 access to a customer portal
  • Record and log all communications sent

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Track and monitor precise customer assets

With accurate data available to your engineers, they’ll know exactly where to locate specific customer assets, when they were last serviced, and can easily log updates of their own. This makes it easy to complete a commercial service without any delay.

  • Access asset data and history anywhere, anytime
  • Link assets to customers, jobs, and contracts
  • Customise asset structures as your customers require

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Access stock when you need it

Commercial clients may be less forgiving if you arrive without the right parts. Fortunately, a stock control system means you’ll always know what parts are available and where they are. You can streamline the flow of stock as it moves from your stockroom, to your engineers’ vans, and finally to the work site.

  • Track stock across stockrooms and vehicles
  • Stockroom management app and barcode scanner
  • Automatically keep parts in stock when they run low

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Auto-generate and send routine invoices

Many routine commercial services are priced the same each time, whether charging a flat fee or by labour and materials. By automating your invoicing, you can ensure a consistent process from start to finish and instantly send invoices without creating any additional admin work for your office staff.

  • Automatically create and send invoices based on the job type
  • Send automatic invoices for annual service contracts
  • Manually handle consolidated invoicing for multiple jobs if needed

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Meet your SLA on time

When your operations run smoothly, thanks to efficient commercial service software, your team is more likely to meet client SLAs. With this level of consistency, you can earn customers’ loyalty, as well as the track record to win even more commercial contracts, too.

  • Automatically track SLAs against jobs based on the service contract
  • With visual countdowns, you can see how long staff have to meet an SLA
  • Quick and easy reporting clearly displays SLA compliance and breaches

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