Increase Renewals and Revenue with Coordinated Contract Management

Service contracts are easy to fumble without the right management platform. Commusoft’s out-of-the-box service contract management software gives you complete freedom to handle any type of commercial or residential agreement. Discover how you can transform operations with recurring billing, simple SLA tracking, and complex PPM schedules.

Commusoft service contract management software

Your Personalised Service Contract Management Toolkit

Set Up Digital Contracts

Comprehensively track specific details for each contract type and ensure the system accurately reflects each plan you offer.

Centralise Contract Records

Forget spreadsheets and disconnected payments. All your contracts data is managed alongside your customer and jobs records.

Generate Recurring Revenue

Utilise recurring billing automated payments, so you can reduce manual admin tasks and reduce the friction to getting paid.

Create PPM Schedules

Manage PPM schedules for customers who need reliable and regular maintenance. Plan set tasks week-by-week to stay ahead.

Monitor SLAs

Track contracted service level agreements via colour-coded countdowns that let your team know how long until a breach.

Automate Contract Renewals

Arrange customer notifications to trigger when contracts are due to auto-renew or your team can manually handle the process.


Service Team Lead

Rio Pools Construction Ltd

Rio Pools have used the contracts functionality in Commusoft to schedule in our regular maintenance visits for both our commercial and domestic customers. This has really helped us ensure all required maintenance visits on our customers' swimming pools, spas, and the associated equipment are carried out and that nothing gets missed.

Build and Manage Any Contract Type


Manage a variety of residential service contracts across a large volume of customers. It's never been easier to scale your residential offering.

  • Offer recurring billing cycles
  • Accept direct debit
  • Create contract templates
  • Automate contract renewals
  • Reduce debt-chasing


Handle highly complex commercial service contracts and mitigate operational risks for you and your customers at every step of the journey.

  • Create complex contracts
  • Serve diverse business types
  • Ensure a smooth renewal process
  • Customise PPM schedules
  • Provide custom SLAs

Reinvent Your Service Contracts

Confidently Build Contract Management Workflows


Commusoft’s service contracts feature guides users step by step to outline all aspects of their contracts and create convenient digital templates. From setting profit margins, linking existing assets and service jobs, to including PPM and SLAs, this process ensures every facet of your contract is properly managed.

  • Ensure profitability with billable rates for labour, pricing items, and parts
  • Specify which services or breakdowns are included under contract - and how many
  • Utilise tools that help you prioritise contract jobs in your slow season
Service contract management builder

Never Lose Track of a Single Detail


Replace accidental errors and disconnected information. Everything you need to know about your customers and their service contracts is stored in one location. Admins have access to a history of all activities related to each customer contract, including claims, entitlements, and payments. Your staff can handle more contracts with less effort and avoid mistakenly giving non-covered work away for free.

  • Access a detailed timeline view of each customer's contract
  • Automate customer communications, like upcoming renewals
  • Respond quickly and accurately when discussing contracts with customers
Contract history and timeline

See How Service Contracts Can Boost Company Revenue!

Optimise All Aspects of Contract Management

Automate Monthly Customer Payments


Offering contracts is a wasted effort without a reliable way to get paid. With Commusoft you can easily create recurring revenue streams with our GoCardless integration. Simply choose how often you want to get paid and the amount. Customers easily set up their direct debit with GoCardless to give you the peace of mind of receiving contract payments in your bank account every month – even during your slow season!

  • Easily track customer payments and reduce debt-chasing
  • Charge customers monthly, quarterly, bi-annually or annually
  • Accept one-time contract payments through Stripe as well
Generate recurring revenue from your service contracts

Build Reliable PPM Schedules


For service contracts that require planned maintenance, Commusoft supports detailed PPM schedules. These schedules are highly visual and interactive, allowing you to plot every required task into the calendar. If there is a more efficient schedule, the smart system will suggest optimisations to reduce the number of visits you make and to further streamline your work.

Manage PPM as part of service contracts

Track Contract SLAs in Real Time


Breaching a service level agreement is costly and can harm your relationships with commercial customers. To improve your SLA attainment rate, you need to routinely monitor progress. Commusoft makes it easy with multiple metrics, colour-coded countdowns, and contract reporting tools. By employing automatic notifications, staff are alerted if an SLA will soon breach, meaning your team can react swiftly and avoid the penalty fee.

  • Provide transparency and accountability for staff
  • Give staff a better chance to complete tasks before breaches
  • SLA breach reports allow you to review and improve
Service level agreements

Take Service Contract Management to the Next Level

  • SLA Metrics

    Commusoft enables teams to offer SLAs including time from job creation to first appointment, job creation to the engineer's arrival time, job creation to job completion, and the complete date/time vs job required complete date/time.

    Service level agreements metric
  • Tailored Service Contracts

    Tailor your service contracts to match both your customers' and your business's exact needs. Customise details such as contract length, initial no claim days, and renewal type. Plus financial specifics such as whether or not to email the customer every invoice - or whether included call outs and breakdowns are free or charged for labour, parts or both.

    Manage service contract plans
  • Automatically Renew Contracts

    Choose how many months a contract lasts and what happens when it renews. Commusoft offers fixed length auto-renewal or manual renewal, as well as rolling monthly contracts. To make things easy, auto-renewal is done for you with any corresponding invoices raised and automatically emailed to the customer. Or, for complex contracts, you can have it automatically create a draft, ready for any edits edit before you manually renew it.

  • GoCardless Integration

    GoCardless is the easy way to get paid. Use their global bank payment network to collect bank-to-bank payments from customers and start building a recurring revenue stream. Once connected to Commusoft, GoCardless will handle the automated billing whenever you assign a contract to a customer. Plus, you'll see payment history and records directly within your CRM.

  • SFG20 Integration

    Connect with SFG20 to import PPM schedules from their list of 2,000+ maintenance tasks covering 70+ asset types. SFG20 PPM schedules can be incorporated into your service contracts with minimal effort, and without risking errors from manually copying over data.

    sfg20 logo

Take Service Contract Management to the Next Level

Service Contracts FAQs

  • Service contract management software helps users generate, manage, and carry out agreements with customers.

    Commusoft does all this, and paired with our SLA management tools, your team will stay on top of all aspects of contract and PPM schedule management.

    We’ll help you boost customer happiness and pad your profits! Your team can set automatic contract renewals, swiftly react when SLAs are about to breach, create reports, and much more.

    Ready to see Service Contract Management in action? Book a call with our team today!

  • Our contract management software pricing depends on how many licenses you need, and which of our powerful plans you choose.

    To see all of our pricing details and which features are included on which plans, check out our pricing page!

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