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Drive Revenue and Delight Customers at Every Step

Customer journeys are crucial to running a successful and thriving field service business. That's why Commusoft put customer journeys at the heart of everything we do.

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Customer Journeys Are About More Than Just Reviews

What Are Customer Journeys?

More than positive reviews or good communication, customer journeys represent all the interactions a customer has with your company. From booking, to call-out, to payments and more, discover how much easier it is to increase your revenue when you focus on the journey! Take a step back to appreciate why these journeys are important and how they fit together...

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Customer Journeys Are the Key to Growing Your Success

Why Are Customer Journeys Important?

Growing a business is all about keeping the momentum going, which means frictionless customer journeys are essential to unlocking your revenue potential. Keep a steady stream of new customers, encourage repeat business, and up-sell your services time and time again. Improving these journeys means securing great benefits for your team, as well...

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Automation Can Improve Any Customer Journey

How Can Customer Journeys Be Optimised?

Customer journeys should flow smoothly from one to the next and they can with automated tools! By empowering customers with self-service features, your admin team can focus on growing the business, whilst your engineers are supported in offering their best service. When automation is in place, there’s no limit to what you and your customers can achieve!


improvement in customer feedback


saved managing schedules


reduction in no-access jobs

Benefits of Frictionless Customer Journeys

Residential services
Bookings Made Simple

A smooth booking process makes it easy for customers to find your business and book their own appointments online at any time of day or night.

More Repeat Business

When you get your customer journeys right, satisfied customers will keep coming back, generating both recurring and reliable income for your business.

Clear Communications

Customers appreciate clarity when you'll be visiting their homes, which you can offer with transparent confirmations, reminders, and ‘on the way’ messages.

Commercial software
Handle Complex Work

Commercial customer journeys aren’t always simple, but friction can be reduced with service contract management and planned preventive maintenance.

Stay in the Know

In order to keep things streamlined, you’ll need access to detailed property and asset history so you can respond swiftly when the customer needs you to.

Exceed Expectations

When customer journeys run smoothly, so does your business, allowing you to meet your service level agreements and customer expectations.

Visualising the Customer Journey

Creating frictionless customer journeys

Your Customer Journeys Reimagined

Customer journeys booking stage with software

Customers Book Themselves In

Save your staff time and create a convenient way to win more jobs with a customer self-service tool to help you. That’s where online booking and intelligent scheduling empowers customers to solve queries for themselves and saves you the trouble.

  • 24/7 lead generation for your website
  • Customers select their own appointment time
  • Syncs directly to your engineer’s diary

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Customer communications with software

Everyone Is Updated Automatically

As swift as your staff might be, they can’t beat an automated message. Get everyone on the same page with lightning-fast alerts and notifications: whether it’s for booking confirmations, prompting a payment, or even updating an engineer’s arrival time.

  • Automate emails, text messages, and letters
  • Personalise with convenient message templates
  • Record and log all communications

Learn more about Alerts and Notifications

Customer journeys engineer experience with software

The Perfect Call-Out Every Time

To create the perfect call-out experience, your service needs to be steady, reliable, and consistent; and that means ensuring your job data is organised, accessible, and responsive! Achieve great things and give your customers the experience they deserve, every time.

  • An up-to-date customer database provides real-time data
  • Engineers have everything they need from the mobile app
  • Certificates, parts, invoices, and more in the palm of your hand

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Customer journeys stock control stage with software

The Right Part When You Need It

Never go to a job missing the right parts again. Software that lets you manage stock in real-time and see asset history, whether in the field or in the office, gives you clarity over what’s needed, where to get it from, and helps get it to the right people!

  • A multi-location stock control system for your business
  • Stockroom management app and barcode scanner
  • Automatically keep parts in stock when they run low

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Customer journeys payment stage with software

Get Paid Straight Away

Forget debt chasing and late payments. With customisable tools that let you manage invoices with great precision, you can keep the cash flowing through your business and encourage customers to pay accurately and on-time, every time.

  • Create invoices from the office or mobile app
  • Quickly send professional, branded invoices to customers
  • Take convenient card payments online and on site

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Customer journeys drive recurring revenue

More Revenue and Repeat Business

Gain more repeat customers and bigger paycheques by removing the friction of hiring you again (and again!). Automatic service reminders, booking portal links, and feedback requests all keep the profit wheel moving and generating revenue!

  • Automatically remind customers their service is due
  • Customers easily book service appointments online
  • Listen to customers and collect feedback

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