Transform Your Payment Journeys

When it’s time for customers to settle their bills, providing convenient ways to pay is the cherry on top of a great experience. That’s why Commusoft offers various billing integrations. After all, flexible payment solutions enable trades businesses to broaden customer payment options, reduce administrative workload, and ultimately get paid sooner.


Provide Various Billing Options

Collect Payments On Site

Accept payments as soon as the job is complete via a QR code or SumUp payment terminal.

Take Payments Online

Enable customers to pay from anywhere via card, bank transfer, or Apple and Google Pay.

Handle Recurring Billing

Set billing schedules and collect automatic payments for service contracts.

Reduce Fees

Set limits for credit card payments with Stripe and enable GoCardless instead.

Get Paid Quickly

Offer convenient ways to pay to encourage customers to settle their bills quicker.

Track Payment History

Maintain a database of invoices and payments, and accurately track profits and debts.



Switched On Electrical

Commusoft makes managing the entire process, from enquiry, to creating the invoice, and accepting payment, very easy!"

Payment Options Across the Commusoft Platform

Commusoft Sales

Commusoft Sales enables your customers to easily pay any deposit due when the proposal is accepted. This helps speed up your sales process and allows your team to start work as soon as possible. Deposit payments are all handled online via the proposal portal and are powered by:

  • Stripe for credit and debit cards
  • GoCardless for instant bank pay
  • Apple Pay and Google Pay for fast mobile payments

Commusoft Jobs

Commusoft Jobs streamlines any payments due throughout or following the job itself. From final or partial invoices, to recurring contract payments, and customer statements, it's easy to get paid. Payments can be collected on-site, online, or over the phone using the following payment integrations:

  • Stripe for credit and debit cards
  • GoCardless for instant bank pay
  • GoCardless for recurring billing
  • Apple Pay and Google Pay
  • SumUp via payment terminal

Offer Customers Convenient Ways to Pay

Empower Engineers to Quickly Accept Payments On Site


Your crew can accept payments in the field through Commusoft’s mobile app. Engineers simply use a payment terminal or instantly generate a QR code to collect card or contactless payments. Perfect for smaller jobs, your crew can quickly take the payment, receive an instant confirmation, and move on to the next appointment.

  • Enable customers to settle bills straightaway on site
  • Take payments via a secure QR code or SumUp payment terminal
  • Automatically mark invoices as “paid” within Commusoft
Collect payments with Apple Pay straight from site

Collect Payments Any Time of Day


Send customers a secure payment link so they can pay when it’s most convenient for them. Here they can review their invoice, and pay via credit card, bank transfer, or Apple/Google Pay. With this process, Commusoft makes it easy for customers to pay initial deposits, partial or final invoices, as well as multi-invoice payments through a variety of specialised online portals.

  • Provide protected platforms to take digital payments
  • Send automated emails prompting customers to pay online
  • Set credit card limits and offer instant banking instead to reduce fees
invoicing portal to pay online

Simplify Payment Admin

Accommodate All Customers with Ease


Some customers might prefer to settle their bills over the phone. When customers call in, admins can easily access the job, review the invoice in question, and charge the card then and there. Even more, your team can store card details when the job is created and push the payment through when it’s time to pay.

  • Safely store customer card details in the cloud
  • Enable admins to quickly complete payments
  • Support deferred card payments when booking jobs
Collect payments from the office

Automate Recurring Payments for Contracts


If you offer service contracts with recurring billing cycles, you can alleviate the headache of managing monthly payments and keep all the data under one roof. You simply connect GoCardless (via direct debit) to your custom service contracts in Commusoft to start collecting automated repeat payments.

  • Rely on Commusoft’s GoCardless integration for easy payments
  • Sync all customer payments and reduce debt-chasing
  • Facilitate monthly, quarterly, 6-monthly, or annual auto-payments
Generate recurring revenue from your service contracts

Take Payments and Billing to the Next Level

  • Invoicing Portal

    With one click from their email, customers can view their invoice details and amount due. With a range of payment options, they can choose what's most convenient for them and send the funds your way easily and promptly.

  • Statement Portal

    Especially useful for commercial clients, a custom statement portal enables customers to review any unpaid invoices and allow them the option to settle one or multiple bills simultaneously.

  • Customisable Payment Thresholds

    Your team can set monetary limits for when certain integrations are implemented. For example, if a charge is over £1,000, GoCardless will be offered instead of Stripe; meaning you won’t have to pay large credit card fees.

  • Deferred Payments

    By collecting optional deferred payments, you can take greater control over when you get paid. Admin staff can guarantee funds are available by placing a pre-charged block on the agreed upon funds on a customer’s card. Once the service is complete and it’s time to collect payment, your team can finalise the charge straightaway, eliminating any delay in getting paid.

  • Partial or Final Invoice Payments

    When charging for a large job, you might opt to charge in multiple stages, such as a partial invoice for parts and materials. With Commusoft you can include a link to your payment portal in an email or text message, no matter the stage of the job.

  • QR Code for On-Site Payment

    As soon as the job is complete, engineers can present customers with a QR code prompting them to “scan to pay”. This will open a personalised payment page, where customers can choose between various payment options, including Apple or Google Pay. With this method, your crew can quickly collect payment on-site, without the need to carry payment terminals.

  • Upfront Payment Requests

    For recurring standard services, like an annual boiler service, your team can choose to request and accept payments in advance directly within the online scheduler. As soon as the customer selects their appointment date, they’ll be prompted to pay for it, before the job is scheduled.

Take Payments and Billing to the Next Level

Payment Integrations FAQs

  • Payment integrations are the process of connecting two software together. Great integrations ensure seamless, secure, and timely payments. Further, they improve customer satisfaction by providing convenient experiences, such as recurring auto-payments, stored card details, and the ability to review custom statement portals.

    Commusoft can do this, and so much more; learn more about each of our payment integrations here.

  • Commusoft’s payment integrations are all accessible within the Commusoft platform, meaning users won’t need to flip back and forth, reducing administrative workload.

    Furthermore, we offer diverse payment integrations, so you can extend various payment options, recurring billing, and credit card limits.

    Commusoft integrations make it easier to build trust and offer all-in-one experiences for customers. You can add company branding to your integrated payment portals, so customers will be confident they’re paying the right people. Ultimately, streamlined payment journeys ensure your team will get paid faster and with less stress.

    Ready to optimise your payments? Book a call with our team today!

  • Commusoft Sales and Jobs offer different payment capabilities.

    Commusoft Sales enables users to take deposit payments upon proposal acceptance. This means you can prepare for the service, such as ordering necessary parts, straightaway.

    Commusoft Jobs organises payments owed during or after the service. The Jobs platform enables users to offer various invoice types, such as partial and final. Further, users can offer automated recurring contract billing, and collect payments via diverse payment types.

    These solutions empower your team to organise and collect payments with confidence, so you can easily cater to all customer needs. Learn more about Commusoft’s Sales CRM and Jobs management platform, and discover how you can get the best of both worlds!

  • All of our integrations are available to our clients at no additional cost. All you need are Commusoft and accounts with the specific integrations. Please note, some integrations may only be available on certain Commusoft plans.

    Exact pricing depends on which Commusoft product and plan you need, the number of licenses, and the platform you’re integrating with. Learn more about Commusoft’s pricing plans here.

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