Manage Customer Assets From Anywhere

Effective asset management depends on having the right information on hand. Our asset maintenance software allows your team to view all assets on a property with a single click. By speeding up your response time, you'll increase efficiency in the field.

Asset management software on mobile

First-Rate Asset Management Features

Centralised Asset Details

Details like brand, model number, date installed, service history, are all easily found in one place.

Asset Work History

Your team can make sensible decisions based on past jobs, recommending repairs or full replacements.

Asset Mobile App

Engineers can access and update asset records directly from the job site.

Customise Assets

Create custom asset structures and classes if your business utilises non-standard asset structures.

Strategic Service Scheduling

Support planned preventative maintenance (PPM) schedules and workflows with asset records.


Empower your engineers to capture vital asset data from the field with custom asset forms.


Technical Manager

Ultra Building Services

We really like the option for our engineers to note the locations of the boiler, gas meter, and stopcock, this information is vital to us...knowing the location of the boiler and gas meter really saves time for the next engineer who may not have attended the property the previous year.

Facilitate Easy Asset Management

Assist Engineers in the Field


Engineers using Commusoft always have access to up-to-date asset information on their mobile devices. They’ll know whether the job is under contract or not, and access detailed service histories, location data, your parts catalogue, and more, from their mobile device. They’ll be empowered to make confident decisions when on their own.

  • Real-time sync between mobile & web
  • Engineers immediately know exact asset location
  • Justify replacement or service recommendations
Asset management software on mobile

Thrill Customers With Fast Turnaround Times


A great customer experience is critical. In high-risk situations with increasing asset downtime and upset customers, your team must be up to the task. Access to comprehensive service histories means engineers can arrive prepared, be decisive, and complete jobs quickly. This level of service will improve customer satisfaction.

  • Equip engineers with full asset service histories
  • Complete jobs quicker and get more work done
  • Easily note asset details for all properties served
Assets showing history of work

Update Daily Operations

Make Assets Work for You


Our asset system compliments a planned preventative maintenance strategy. We help your team increase asset up time and set up regular service appointments. Ensure assets don’t break down, and cut emergency call-outs while boosting maintenance jobs.

  • Greatly slice the number of breakdowns to react to
  • Reduce downtime quicker and complete more jobs
  • Appointments are productive, elongating asset life
service contract management

Boost Company Productivity and Profitability


Asset management software centralises all aspects of service and maintenance works. Asset records prepare your team for any job. Streamlined reaction time to broken assets and planned preventative maintenance workflows means you’ll increase bookings.

  • Fill your calendars with regular maintenance jobs
  • React aptly to sudden breakdowns with asset records
  • Get the most out of your services and parts costs
Asset structures

More Asset Management Features to Blow You Away

  • Work Address Access Communication

    Send automated emails or text messages to a tenant, via a landlord or tenant to book service. Jobs are booked faster, and assets are fixed quicker.

    Service reminders portal
  • Create Certificates Against Assets

    Your engineers know the most about assets. They can capture all relevant asset information on certificates from their mobile devices.

    Asset maintenance software on mobile
  • Custom Asset Classes

    If your business utilises non-standard asset structures, you can create custom asset classes on Commusoft’s Customer Journey plan.

    Asset management software on mobile
  • Link Assets, Jobs, and Customers

    No piece of information gets lost. Use reliable service histories to provide an unmatched customer experience. You'll increase bookings and happiness.

    Customer database and assets showing technical references

More Asset Management Features to Blow You Away

Asset Maintenance Software FAQs

  • Asset maintenance software is a digital platform that makes it easy for engineers to capture vital appliance data from the field.

    The best asset management software digitally tracks asset records across different worksites and enables seamless connection with service contract management software.

    Commusoft’s asset software goes further, allowing you to track assets on all of the properties you work at. Your engineers can track details like brand and model number, location on the property, and past service history. This system ensures your team will be prepared for any job, contracted or not. This makes it easier for your team to carry out their work, and impress customers!

  • Asset tracking software empowers engineers to arrive to worksites knowledgeable and prepared with the correct parts, impressing customers. This information helps your engineers make the best recommendations to customers. Team members can justify parts changes, or a full replacement if an asset breaks repeatedly.

    Further, you can ensure that assets under contract are maintained properly and that your team records accurate service updates each time. Meeting contracted agreements has never been easier.

    Your team can complete jobs quicker, improve customer relations, and streamline your service and maintenance appointments with Commusoft’s asset management solution.

  • Commusoft’s pricing depends on how many licenses you need, and which of our powerful plans you choose.

    Our platform and suite of tools support both small and large service businesses with a minimum of 4 contracted licenses per account. Please note, our product is not suitable for businesses with less than 4 members.

    Asset maintenance is available on Commusoft’s Customer Journey plan and higher.

    To see all of our pricing details and which features are included on which plans, check out our pricing page!

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