See the Power of Intelligent Scheduling Software

Commusoft's intelligent scheduling software allows you to automate scheduling and optimise your workforce in the field with system-suggested appointments and continuous optimisation.

This web browser game demonstrates the power behind our intelligent scheduling platform. In order to automate engineer scheduling, Commusoft needs to understand where every engineer will be at any given time and process all of their possible routes to a job in a matter of seconds. It's a game-changer for field service businesses. This demo shows how the system works behind the scenes - calculating and recalculating schedules in seconds as new jobs are added. However, if you're viewing on mobile, you'll need to check it out on a laptop or desktop.

The map user icon represents an engineer

5 engineers on the map

This icon represents a Commusoft user and one of your engineers, ready to have jobs scheduled for them. We only have 5 here - but you could have hundreds!
Click the map to add a pin, representing a job

Click the map to add a job

Adding a job will display a pin on the map. Commusoft's intelligent scheduling system will then calculate the best engineer to send. Keep adding - you'll quickly see how powerful the tool is.
Click the show route button to view driving routes

Show driving routes

You'll see the routes between jobs as the crow flies - in a straight line. If you wish to see driving routes, click "Show route". To reset the map, simply click "Reset".

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Intelligently schedule engineers with powerful Commusoft tools

Suggested Appointments

Commusoft’s intelligent scheduling tool has 3 core components – the first being suggested appointments. When adding a job, Commusoft can now recommend the best engineer and the most-efficient time slot automatically. The intelligent system analyses your team’s schedule to find the most suitable gap and presents several options, ranked by efficiency, for you to pick from. See the engineer, their route, travel distance, and estimated travel time and quickly schedule the job in.

Smart icon

Intelligent scheduling

Take the guess work out of scheduling - instantly know which time slot is most efficient.

Hourglass icon in a Work order management software by Commusoft

Save countless hours

Office staff can free up time for other tasks, without reducing their efficiency.

savings icon

Generate value

Better organisation can result in more jobs each week, leading to increased revenue.

Continuously optimise schedules

Continuous Optimisation Engine

The second component of our intelligent scheduling feature is the continuous optimisation engine. Naturally, any field service company experiences cancelled bookings, delays, traffic, engineers out sick, jobs that end early… the list goes on. By continually optimising your team’s diary throughout the day, Commusoft is able to recognise and respond to new and more efficient schedules as they evolve. These daily changes can result in significant savings in time and travel costs for your business.

Magnifying glass icon

Automatically optimise

The continuous optimisation engine can see when more efficient schedules become available.

van icon when showing the use of the Outlook integration in Commusoft

Save on fuel costs

Inefficient travel results in higher fuel expenses - continuously optimising helps reduce waste.

customer approval icon

Improve customer service

Offer even better service with responsive and powerful scheduling tools.

Mass scheduling from Commusoft

Mass Scheduling

The third component of Commusoft’s intelligent scheduling platform is mass scheduling. The mass scheduling tool allows you to add hundreds of new jobs and will calculate the most logical and efficient route for all of them at once. If your type of work and business processes allows for scheduling in bulk, this is one of the most powerful and effective ways to organise your team. Once you have scheduled these jobs in mass, the continuous optimisation engine will continue to respond to changes and improve your team’s diary for you.

Calendar icon

Schedule hundreds of jobs

With mass scheduling, you can plan out vast numbers of jobs for your team.

Cogs icon

Powerful automation

Commusoft needs to process thousands or even millions of calculations, doing so in seconds.

Money bag icon

Grow your profits

Highly efficient bulk scheduling can result in significant profit-growth.

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