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Planned maintenance software automates vital aspects of your trades business. With it, you can maintain customer appliances, streamline your entire team's digital recordkeeping, and more. After all, managing planned preventative maintenance (PPM) schedules and various assets for all your customers without software can jeopardize your business’s organisation and integrity.

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Compel Customers to Pick Your Business


As you know, whether you service domestic or commercial assets, planned maintenance is preferred by most customers, since this strategy saves them both time and money in the long run. When your trades business is supported by the best planned maintenance system software, you can consistently outpace competitors and win more contracts!

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Contracted work schedule in place


Precise assets are tracked and monitored

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Customer is notified when service is due

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Engineers service the asset

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Engineers complete custom forms on-site

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Customer SLA met on time

Increase Asset Uptime and Delight Customers

An effective planned maintenance system is a win-win for you and your customers. With the best PPM system, customers benefit from extended asset life and workplace safety, while your business can secure regular job bookings with service reminders, provide unparalleled service, and make bigger profits.

Service contract setup

Smooth Daily Operations

Balance All Preventative Measures

Help your team build and manage PPM schedules, service contracts, SLAs, and more.   Commusoft’s organisational structure and automations take the weight off your office team.

Pinpoint Customer Records

Store customer contact details, job history, asset records, communication logs, and more, all in a single planned maintenance system software.

Oversee Your Mobile Workforce

It’s important for your mobile and admin teams to stay in sync no matter what. Commusoft’s mobile app works without internet connection, so there’s no blind spots.

Customer database communication logs

Consistently Please Customers

Be Prepared When Customers Call

When a customer calls up, you’ll know exactly the work completed, past invoices paid, and previous communication history.

Improve Customer Retention

Wow customers with organised office staff, and engineers who are knowledgeable and prepared to service their assets.

Grow Your Customer Base

Great customer service breeds loyalty, word of mouth, and helps you continually win more business.

Parts management overview

Boost Your Profits

Accelerate Your Invoicing Process

Quickly build and organise invoices in Commusoft. To get paid faster, you can invoice customers directly from the field, from the office, or automatically.

Optimal Parts Ordering

Commusoft makes parts management a breeze, so your team can make deliberate business purchases.

Secure Regular Bookings

Increase job bookings, and boost cash-flow with automated service reminders and custom PPM schedules.

Empowering Thousands of Teams Every Day

Supporting Planned Maintenance Workflows



Aurora Heating Ltd

Maintaining your existing business with service reminders is great and the ability to have your customer details, appliance data, and work history at your fingertips is also great, saving time and offering your customer that "personal feeling".

Join Thousands of Other Engineers

Streamline Your Planned Maintenance Services

Provide Unmatched Customer Experiences

Meet All of Your SLAs


Service contracts and SLAs are critical for meeting unique customer needs and deadlines. Our service contracts are customisable, allowing you to choose specific metrics to measure with each contract. Fulfilling your SLAs has never been easier: each SLA is colour-coded and features a live countdown clock.

Service level agreements

Admins can build detailed maintenance calendars and ensure all contracted jobs are slated. Further, Commusoft's PPM system suggests optimised appointments, ensuring all requirements are met, and that engineers work from streamlined schedules.

Planned maintenance schedule

Keep Assets Operating Longer


Detailed records are essential for maintaining assets for all of your customers. Commusoft’s asset management software allows engineers to catalogue details including asset location, model, service history, and much more, so your team will know exactly what to expect at each appointment.

Asset management on mobile

Book More Recurring Jobs


The benefits of service reminders is two-fold: customers have the opportunity to maintain their assets, and your business can pad your schedules with regular service appointments. Our service reminders are completely customisable, and for added convenience, include a self-service online booking link, so customers can book whenever they please. This empowers customers, while lifting customer burdens!

Service reminders booking portal

Document Valuable Information


Want to record more than just assets per job? Custom forms are perfect for documentation and keep your team on track. Our question and answer formats and dropdown fields ensure engineers can quickly record the data without wasting time.

Custom forms builder

Get the Most Out of Your Planned Maintenance System


    Your multi-property and commercial clients have a lot to handle each day. When phonelines are busy, or if they need access to job data outside of working hours, a personalised customer login portal has everything they need. From job statuses, reports, invoices, safety forms, and more, customer portals set property managers up for victory, while relieving admin burdens from your team.

    Customer portal screens

    Think of our mobile app as a pocket-sized Commusoft your team can take anywhere. Your engineers can access their full diaries, customer details, job and asset history, build certificates and invoices, and much more, all whilst in the field.

    mobile app field service

    Our invoicing tools help your team manage all invoicing processes. Commercial clients can pay via a personalised self-service statements portal. This ensures you can accept payments any time of day, and encourage customers to pay accurately and on-time, every single time.

    Invoicing for web and mobile

    Real-time vehicle tracking extends the life of your vehicles. You can enforce safe driving practices, and keep track on your entire team's whereabouts when they're in the field.

    Vehicle tracking for web and mobile

Get the Most Out of Your Planned Maintenance System

Join Thousands of Other Engineers

Planned Maintenance Software FAQs

  • Automated processes is the future of the trades. Planned maintenance software automates workflows including managing contracts and SLAs, customising service reminders, and sending invoices.

    This system ensures your team provides dedicated customer service all while saving valuable time and money. Once implemented, an automated planned maintenance system can help your business reach new levels of success!

    Want to learn more about planned preventive maintenance? Learn more here!

  • Yes; our planned maintenance software integrates with accounting software including Quickbooks Online, Xero, KashFlow, and a variety of communication, business, and supplier integrations too!

    Check out all our integrations!

  • Trials are a great opportunity to further evaluate Commusoft. Trial versions are available upon request, following an online demonstration of the platform with one of our product experts.

    Learn about Commusoft’s Free Trial here!

  • This depends on which one of our plans you choose, and how many team members you have. Learn more about Commusoft’s plans and pricing here!

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