Live Parts Pricing in Real Time

Connect your City Plumbing account to Commusoft, and access real-time parts pricing with our powerful City Plumbing integration.

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Save Valuable Company Time

Connect Your Systems

Sync Commusoft and your City Plumbing account to access improved functionality.

View Live Part Prices

Check live prices from City Plumbing when raising a purchase order.

Get the Most From City Plumbing and Commusoft

Our City Plumbing integration connects using your City Plumbing account number. You’ll be able to check live pricing for parts when you raise a purchase order. These live prices will save into your account, so your prices automatically stay up to date without any extra work.


Who Is City Plumbing?

City Plumbing is a leading supplier of plumbing and heating supplies in the UK.

City Plumbing Integration FAQs

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