Gmail (Coming soon)

Boost your productivity by having customer and job information appear directly in Gmail.

Respond to emails quickly

Access up-to-date information where you need it most - within your inbox. Reply to customers quickly and professionally without having to leave Gmail.

Access customer information

See customer information, including contact details, ongoing jobs, work history, and any outstanding debt, ensuring you have relevant information on hand.

Easily add new jobs

Add a new job without having to leave your inbox. When an email exchange turns into a booking, you can add it to Commusoft right away.

How does it work?

By integrating Commusoft into Gmail, you will be able to access customer and job information directly from within Gmail. This allows you to quickly check relevant details such as address, ongoing jobs and estimates, work history, and any outstanding debt, allowing you to reply with accurate information and help boost productivity and enhance customer service.

What Do I Need?

This feature is coming soon. You will need both a Commusoft account and to use Gmail for your email in order to use them together. Simply install the Commusoft add-on and they will integrate together seamlessly.

Gmail and Commusoft Overview

Gmail is a leading email and calendar service by Google that benefits from a powerful built-in Google search engine, meaning you no longer need to set up folders, file your mail, or remember where you stored your messages. Just search for what you want.

Commusoft is an all-in-one cloud-based job management software designed for companies with multiple engineers. It helps you to manage your customer database, estimates, jobs, engineer diaries, certificates, and invoicing.

Accessing Commusoft from Gmail is a big step to enhancing your office workers’ tasks and providing them with up-to-date information where and when they need it.



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