naturalForms allows you to design and complete custom digital forms for any industry. It aims to eliminate paper, improve form quality, provide instant access to data, and save time and money. naturalForms lets you use any mobile or tablet device to capture details on-site.


The integration allows the two software applications to communicate with one another — sharing information and providing access to your custom naturalForms templates within Commusoft.

Avoid double data entry

Reduce the time it takes for your engineers to complete tasks on site

Keep accurate information

Sync data with the integration and let your office staff and engineers quickly access up-to-date information

Reduce human error

Less mistakes - the information automatically transfers to Commusoft

How does it work?

Add your custom forms to your list of available certificates when completing a job within Commusoft. Known fields are automatically populated using information from your customer database and the completed form is saved as a PDF against the job.

What Do I Need?

You will need both a Commusoft account and a naturalForms account. You can then connect your accounts and link each of your custom form templates into Commusoft.

How does the Commusoft and naturalForms integration work?

To hear more about the benefits of this integration, please refer to our detailed product release blog.



Watch a 15-minute Commusoft demo