Sage Accounting

Sage Accounting, formerly SageOne, is a range of cloud based online accounting and online payroll software, offering everything you need to run the accounts and payroll side of your small business.

While Sage Accounting is an effective accounting software system, it doesn’t help you manage your day to day jobs. This is where the Commusoft and Sage Accounting integration comes in.

Manage your day-to-day jobs

Keep an eye on everything that's going on in your business

No more double data entry

Commusoft will automatically send customers, invoices, payments, credit notes, suppliers, supplier invoices, supplier payments, and supplier credit notes

Reduce and track debtors

With Commusoft and our accounting integrations you can keep track of debtors and increase your cash flow

How does it work?

When raising an invoice for a job in Commusoft, your accounting information automatically transfers to your Sage Accounting package. You can also import your existing contacts and financial data from Sage Accounting into your Commusoft account, allowing your staff to see vital information straight from within the Commusoft app.

What Do I Need?

You can get set up the Commusoft and Sage Accounting integration in just minutes. You will need both a Commusoft account and Sage Accounting subscription.

Commusoft and Sage Accounting overview

Commusoft is an all-in-one job management software system designed for service, maintenance, and installation companies. It’s designed to help keep track of customers, estimates, jobs, and engineers’ diaries. Once the job is complete, you can invoice the job straight from your mobile or PC. To help you keep track of job costs, Commusoft lets you add suppliers, purchase orders, and supplier invoices. This helps you manage your profit per job.

Sage’s range of accounting software is designed to meet the needs of start-ups, sole traders, and small businesses and allow you to invoice customers, analyse business performance and manage VAT, budgets and more.



Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Sage Accounting and Sage 50 Instant?

Sage 50 or Sage Instant is a desktop application, while Sage Accounting is a Cloud application. This means that you will be able to access your Sage Accounting login from a computer where it hasn’t been installed. With Sage 50 Instant, you can only access your Sage login portal from a computer where it has been installed.

Is this integration for SageOne?

Yes. Sage renamed their SageOne product to Sage Accounting, but it is the same accounting package.

Can I import my customers from Sage Accounting into Commusoft?

Yes. You’ll need to export your customer list into a CSV file and tidy up the data first but this is something we cover in training. Our trainer will be more than happy to provide a template for how we store customer data and advise you on the steps needed to clean the data.

Can the integration interface pass information if the Sage server is closed down?

Unfortunately, if the Sage server is down or malfunctioning, there is nothing the Commusoft team can do to help. All communication between the two software will stop until the Sage server is back online. 

Does Sage Accounting support Commusoft’s CIS functionality?

Yes! Sage Accounting – the online Cloud version – does support CIS functionality and we’ll pass the values along.

How much of a customer’s profile does Sage Accounting receive from Commusoft?

We are able to communicate seamlessly with Sage therefore we’ll send the invoice number, work address, payment, description as well as create a customer record. This means that you won’t have to input double data manually in each system.

Can you assign nominal codes to one invoice?

Yes! And what’s more is that you can assign multiple nominal codes to a single invoice. Most integrations are too simplistic and therefore limited to only assigning one nominal code to an invoice. Commusoft, however, allows you to pass multiple financial figures to the same invoice.

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