Xero is an easy-to-use online accounting software that's designed specifically for small businesses.

Xero is an accounting software that will help you manage your finances, but not your day-to-day jobs. The Xero accounting integration, available in Commusoft, gives you all the benefits of both a top accounting software and a powerful job management system.

Manage your day-to-day jobs

No more double data entry

Track customer debt

How does it work?

When raising an invoice for a job in Commusoft, your accounting information automatically transfers through your Xero accounting integration. You can also import your existing contacts and financial data from Xero into your Commusoft account, allowing your staff to see vital information straight from within the Commusoft app.

What Do I Need?

You will need to have both a Commusoft account and a Xero account. You can request a Commusoft demo by submitting the form below.

Xero accounting integration and Commusoft overview

How to make the most out of your Xero integration?

Commusoft is a cloud-based, purpose built, all-in-one software that will help field service businesses to digitize their processes. Additionally, users can manage their operations from any location, on mobiles and tablets. These users can then increase their revenue and productivity. Xero is an accounting software system that’s fully online, so you can work when and where you want. Just log in to your PC, Mac, or mobile. You can automatically import and categorise your bank statements, as well as be able to see your cashflow in real-time.

Bringing Commusoft into Xero is a big step towards enhancing your office workers’ tasks and providing them with up-to-date accounting information where and when they need it. Consequently, you can keep track of all your invoices and ensure that no detail is overlooked. Additionally, you will save office staff from spending their time searching for misplaced invoices or correcting error that could have been avoided by using a software solution. We’ve written about the benefits of using Xero and a few other tools on our Business Blog.



Frequently Asked Questions

Can I import my customers from Xero to Commusoft?

Yes, there is a step in the integration process that prompts you to import all of your customer data from your accounting package or not. If you do import customer data it will import however it is stored, so if the customer data is quite messy in Xero it will then be messy in Commusoft. Note, there is no way to undo this import.

If I mark an invoice as paid in Xero will that appear in Commusoft?

Due to many people using their bank feed to reconcile invoices as payments come into their bank, we now have a feature whereby any payments entered into Xero will import to Commusoft as long as the invoice has come from our system.

If I add an email address to a customer will this also update their contact details in Xero?

Yes. You are able to toggle this functionality on or off. Any updates to a customer’s name, title, email address, or property address will update that customer’s contact details in Xero too so you will save time by not having to input manual data twice.

If a customer’s credit terms change do I update this in Commusoft or Xero?

You can make this change against the customer’s account in Commusoft and we’ll send that change to Xero with the appropriate invoice, saving you time and headaches matching data across.

Do Xero tracking categories work with Commusoft?

Xero uses tracking categories and options instead of department codes or cost centres. This keeps your chart of accounts manageable. You can have up to 100 tracking options for each tracking category while a tracking category needs at least one tracking option to assign the feature to a transaction. We integrate that via our invoice categories. It’s another layer of reporting that you can apply to drill down where your invoices are coming from. These are fully functional with the Commusoft integration.

Can you assign nominal codes to one invoice?

Yes! And what’s more is that you can assign multiple nominal codes to a single Xero invoice. Most integrations are too simplistic and therefore limited to only assigning one nominal code to an invoice. Commusoft, however, allows you to pass multiple financial figures to the same invoice.

Xero vs QuickBooks

It all comes down to your business and what works best for you. We won’t recommend any particular system and the Commusoft integration will work just as well with both.

Can the integration interface pass information if the Xero server is closed down?

Unfortunately, if the Xero server is down or malfunctioning, there is nothing the Commusoft team can do to help. All communication between the two software will stop until the Xero server is back online and it’s recommended that you contact your Xero support team.

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