Webinar: Stock Control System


Learn about Commusoft's multi-location stock system. Companies looking to take their processes to the next level can enhance their stockroom workflow, reduce stockpiling, streamline returns, and offer improved customer experience.

What is Stock Control?

Stock control software has four core benefits:

  • Enhancing the stockroom workflow
  • Reducing excess stock
  • Streamlining the returns process
  • Improving customer experience

Managing stock locations

Stock can be stored and organised in multiple locations, such as stockrooms or engineers’ vans. Create digital stock locations that match your physical ones and effectively manage parts across all areas of your business. Assign stock locations to individual users and transfer stock between locations as needed.

Real-time stock levels

See what’s in stock in each location, including which parts (and how many) are available, reserved against jobs, or scheduled to be returned to the supplier. When an engineer adds parts against a job, they can immediately see if that part is already in stock and where it’s located. With this data, engineers can make informed decisions as to whether or not they need to order parts from a supplier.

Automatic reordering

Keeping a business stocked with the most-needed parts is essential to ensure smooth-running operation. Create multiple reorder lists for each stock location, allowing you to customise which parts, what quantity, and where parts are kept in stock. When available stock reaches your defined minimum level, purchase orders are automatically raised to order more.

Stock history and audits

Each stockroom is auditable, with a full history of each change to the stock levels available. See when stock has been added, reserved or unreserved against a job, marked as wasted, manually adjusted, or transferred between locations. With access to the date and time that these changes are made, you have oversight of exactly how and when stock is altered.

Supplier reminders

Effective communication with suppliers is key to maintaining an effective stock workflow. Set up automatic reminders to let suppliers know what deliveries are expected from them in a set time frame. This can give suppliers opportunity to update you on whether parts will be delivered in time, in turn, allowing you to inform customers if required parts are not available.

Undelivered parts notification

On occasion, parts will not be delivered for a job in time. It’s important that when this happens, you are able to give customers advance notice that you are unable to complete the work. If parts have not arrived and been marked as available by a set time and day before a scheduled job, you will automatically be notified. This provides time to inform the customer and avoid disappointing them on the day.

Stockroom app with barcode scanner

To enhance your business’s stockroom workflow, the stock manager can utilise the dedicated Commusoft Stockroom app. This offers a compact and portable way of seeing what is due in and due out, checking-in arrived parts, and building pick lists to prepare for engineer collection. It comes with a built-in barcode scanner, so barcodes can simply be scanned and quickly marked as available in the system.

Engineer pick up reminders

From the Commusoft app, engineers can see exactly which parts they need to pick up and from where. This gives staff an easy way of tracking what they need to collect each morning, helping ensure they have the correct parts for the job. Upon pickup, the engineer scans a QR code on the manager’s Stockroom app to authorise the transfer and accept responsibility of the stock.

Automatically inform suppliers for returns

Returning unneeded and unused stock is critical to avoid wasting resources, that’s why Commusoft makes it simple and easy to mark parts for return. Once that’s done, suppliers are automatically emailed and informed of the parts and quantities to be returned. Engineers are in turn prompted via their diary to return the stock to the stockroom, helping parts quickly get back to the supplier undamaged.

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