Customer Portal Software and Customer Journeys

To offer smooth customer journeys, give customers the interactive tools they increasingly expect, and to ultimately improve customer experience, many field service businesses are investing in customer portal software.

Want to learn more about customer portals and their role in your customer journey? Keep reading.

What is Customer Portal Software?

Customer portal software enables businesses to give customers anytime access to relevant information or services. For field service businesses, this may include the ability to book jobs, pay invoices, or provide feedback – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

As customer portals are all online, they are accessible from any web-enabled device like a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. By connecting customers to your business via online portals (also called web portals), both sides can benefit from up-to-date information shared in real time.

Customer portals

What Are the Benefits of Customer Portals?

Customer portals offer businesses and their customers a variety of benefits. For customers, online portals are highly convenient and make services both easy to access and available when is best for the customer. Ultimately, this gives customers more independence and control over how and when they interact with your business (picking up the phone isn’t the only option!).

For field service businesses, customer portal software essentially extends your working hours (without any additional employees or late nights) by providing access to key services at all times of the day. Other benefits for businesses include better cash flow, reduced admin tasks and time spent on the phone, plus improved customer satisfaction.

Benefits of customer portal software

Why Are Portals Important to Each Customer Journey?

Customer portals are primarily about communication and providing new ways for customers to interact with your business. These interactions are essentially small journeys where the customer moves from ‘Point A’ (wanting to complete a task) to ‘Point B’ (the task being complete). For example, if a customer needs to pay an invoice, there may be two routes available to them: call the business during the day and provide payment over the phone, or access the invoice from their smartphone and pay anytime. Which of these customer journeys will likely be preferred?

Field service businesses can streamline many of these journeys with customer portals, helping drive customer satisfaction whilst also providing a myriad of operational benefits.

Customer portals and customer journeys

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Online portals facilitate customer interactions at various stages of the customer experience. The five portals below each address one of those key moments and show how field service businesses can provide new ways to delight customers.

The Journey with Customer Portals

Online Booking Portal

Take booking requests 24/7

The natural starting point for any customer is requesting a job booking. By adding a booking portal to your website, you can generate new business 24 hours a day – not just when your phone lines are open.

Read more about the Online Booking Form

Customer portal software - Online booking form

Estimates Portal

Easy online estimates and deposits

Waiting for customers to accept estimates can keep your jobs in limbo. With a dedicated estimate portal, customers can quickly accept your quoted price and pay any deposit right away, so you can get to work.

Read more about the Estimates Portal

Estimates portal

Engineer Profile Portal

Provide live ETA and tracking

For customers, waiting for an engineer to arrive is the most stressful part of the experience. With a convenient engineer tracking portal, you can reassure customers exactly who is arriving and when.

Read more about the Engineer Profile Portal

Customer portal software - Engineer profile portal

Invoice Portal

Credit and debit payments from anywhere

When customers are slow to pay invoices it can harm your cash flow. With an invoice payment portal, customers can make that payment via credit and debit cards at any time, from anywhere – helping you get paid quicker.

Read more about the Invoice Portal

Customer portal software - Invoice portal

After-Sales Care Portal

Automated feedback when a job is complete

Customer care doesn’t finish when you leave the customer’s property. Giving customers a chance to share their experiences via a feedback portal makes them feel valued and gives you extra insight into your performance.

Read more about the After-Sales Care Portal

Customer portal software - After-sales care portal

Multiple Portals or a Single Portal?

Customer portal software comes in various shapes and sizes. One fundamental difference in the options available is whether it operates using multiple online portals or a single portal. The single approach typically involves a username and password to login to the customer portal, where different services can be accessed. Whereas the multiple portal approach utilises temporary portals for individual tasks, without any login required.

Although a single customer portal may sound simple, many customers don’t want more login details to have to remember and another web system to learn to navigate. With one-time-use portals dedicated to specific tasks, customers can quickly complete the required action without unnecessary complication.

Check out the portals above for some examples!

Multiple customer portals