Lift Admin Burdens With Unrivaled 24/7 Customer Self-Service Journeys

Offering valuable self-service options is transforming customer experiences in the trades industry. When customers are empowered to help themselves, you can relieve admin pressure without hiring more staff. Maximising productivity and profitability has never been easier.

What Is Customer Self-Service Software?

Customer self-service software is a suite of digital tools that customers can access anytime, ranging from job booking, invoicing, leaving feedback, and more. Commusoft’s self-service package enables you to offer availability 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Rather than pick up the phone, more and more customers prefer digital options to interact with your brand. Self-service software ensures you can offer consistent experiences while taking full control over each touchpoint. After all, equipping your team with automated avenues to support clients means they can provide the best customer service, with no added stress.

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Customers book jobs via your website

Customers can accept quotes online

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Customers access live tech tracking

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Customers pay invoices online

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Customers easily review your services

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Commercial clients can access job files

Transform Admin Workflows With Customer Self-Service

Your office team has a lot to handle; automated self-service options can help!
Self-service tools are so effective because they impact all aspects of your business. Customers happily handling issues themselves not only improves your business reputation, it gives your admins the capacity to focus on larger tasks. When your office operations are streamlined, the whole business thrives.

Customer portal screens

Remove Organisational Roadblocks

Simplify Job Booking

Making a phone call isn’t always an option. Offering digital booking solutions ensures you’re booking services when phone lines are busy, or when your team is off the clock. You’ll always be available to customers, whenever they’re in need.

Accept Payments Anytime

Digital payment options are convenient for admins and customers. Professional and accessible invoicing alternatives can help you get paid faster, with less admin involvement. No one likes sharing card details over the phone!

Support Commercial Clients

Offering a customer login portal for multi-property owners gives them personal access to valuable site information. They can find job reports, invoices, safety certificates, and book your services, all without needing to reach out to your team!

Service reminders portal

Maximise Your Service Operations

Maintain Your Headcount

Automated self-service options ramp up company productivity without the need to hire another team member! Smarter spending and budgeting means you can dedicate more resources into various areas of the business.

Stand Apart From Competitors

Offering unmatched access and assistance to customers increases your likelihood of retaining, and winning more business. After all, self-service software makes it easy to  boost trust, loyalty, and word-of-mouth!

Achieve More Victories

Ultimately, self-service features ensure you get the very most out of your job management solution. Empowering customers to help themselves empowers your entire team to handle higher-value tasks. Smashing goals has never been easier.

Online booking showing job details

Provide Convenient Touchpoints

Offer Modern Solutions

As the trades industry becomes more and more digital, providing digital points of contact guarantees your company remains relevant. New customers are more likely to book, and return to businesses that offer up-to-date services.

Exceed Client Expectations

Many customers are too busy to call or email your team. Allowing them to take care of their admin needs themselves can be the best customer experience! Customer self-service software supports customers anytime and anywhere.

Collect Valuable Feedback

Getting a pulse on your business is essential to scaling operations with the best intentions. Customer reviews can help your team understand strengths and weakness. Ultimately, business growth is attainable when you know where to focus.

Take Pride in Your Services

Prosper With Organised Operations


Office Admin

Plumbgas Services

Commusoft has made a massive difference in the daily running of the business, from booking jobs in, to quotes, and invoicing customers. We can now keep track of previous customers, send out service reminders, and leave notes for the future.

Fuel Business Profits With Outstanding Customer Care

Empower Admins and Clients With Customer Self-Service

Grow Without Hiring

Maximise Your Revenue

Self-service ensures your entire team have the tools they need to support more customer queries, without additional overhead costs. After all, customer care suffers when your team is stretched too thin. From allowing customers to book services on your website, enabling customers to accept quotes outside of working hours, or giving clients access to documents for each of their properties, customer self-service software boosts capacity without sacrificing quality.

Ultimately, streamlined admin workflows, and empowered customers ensures you can scale your business with confidence!

Online booking into diary

Offer Consistent Services

Implement Client-Led Workflows

The best customer self-service software offers automation as a safeguard against bad experiences. This ensures you surpass expectations with no added pressure for your entire team. Setting "on the way" messages to deploy as a engineer begins travelling ensures they'll meet a happy customer. Further, automatically refreshed job documents in customer portals, and availability to book appointments outside of working hours eases admin workload while improving customer care.

Automatically incorporating customer needs into each of your public touchpoints ensures you routinely offer unparalleled service!

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Outperform Competitors

Exceed Customer Expectations

Being the very best in your area boils down to offering the very best to customers. It's the little things that can have the most impact. Providing customers with the ability to track their engineer, and offering opportunities to leave feedback on your services proves how much you care. In the end, an emphasis on customer loyalty improves retention and word-of-mouth, ensuring you have the capacity to take control of your profits.

Customer self-service software ensures your team can offer professional and streamlined customer experiences with ease!

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Discover How Commusoft Can Help

  • Online Booking Portal

    Embedding an online booking portal on your website the mark of a modern, and accessible trades business. Online booking extends company availability, so customers can book appointments when phone lines are busy, or outside of work hours. This automated platform recognises engineer skills and shift patterns, assigning jobs to the perfect team member.

    This lifts pressure from your admin team, and ensures technicians work from optimised schedules! Maximising your booking process results in both customer and employee happiness, and increased revenue.

    Online booking from your website
  • Estimates Portal

    Digital quotes are professional, easy to create, and quick to share with prospective customers! Rather than needing to email or call your team, sending a personalised estimating portal to customers enables them to accept any time of day, wherever they are. And with Commusoft, you can choose to accept deposits or payment once they attain your services. After all, no one likes sharing card details over the phone!

    This streamlined process makes it easy for customers to say "yes" to working with your team. Once estimates are accepted, admins can quickly incorporate new jobs into team schedules.

    Estimate quoting portal
  • Engineer Tracking Portal

    An impressive way to keep customers informed without making a phone call is sending them a engineer tracking portal link. These personalised links are automatically sent when your tech is on their way. Not only does this save your admins time, it also gives your customers a chance to prepare for their appointment. Further, these alerts come with the name and photo of your crew, so customers know exactly who to expect, and allow onto their property.

    As a bonus, this reminder helps reduce the chances of no show jobs. Engineer tracking boosts customer trust in your team, increasing the likelihood of them booking with you time and again.

    Engineer tracking portal on mobile
  • Online Payment Portal

    Digital payment opinions are becoming increasingly popular. After all, it's convenient for customers to pay any time of day, wherever they are! An easy invoicing journey expedites payments, meaning your team can complete jobs and get paid faster.

    This self-service solution ensures both admins and customers have one less thing to worry about! With less need to chase up customers to pay their invoices, admins can handle a variety of tasks.

    Invoice portal on a laptop
  • After-Sales Care Portal

    Each customer has a unique and valuable opinions that can help your team better your services. However, many service businesses struggle to convince customers to leave a review. With Commusoft, admins can email or text your feedback portal link to customers following their final invoice. Leaving a simple thumbs up or down, and space to write a message is a convenient options for customers when they're pressed for time.

    Feedback gathered in our After-Sales Care portal won't be seen by the public. Whether your reviews are overwhelmingly positive or negative, all feedback is beneficial if you want to take control of your growth!

    After-sales care feedback on phone
  • Customer Login Portal

    Many commercial clients struggle to manage their multiple properties. A customer login portal offers a unique overview of the services carried out across all the properties you take care of. Your clients can quickly access job reports, invoices, safety certificates, and more. They won't need to contact your team to email a certain safety inspection form for their tenants, all the records they need is available in their customer portal!

    Further, when they need an appointment, they can book directly through their portal. This dependable solution ensures your commercial clients can always count on you.

    Customer portal

Discover How Commusoft Can Help

Customer Self-Service Software FAQs

  • Customer self-service software is a digital platform that enables your customers to handle their issues without needing to involve your team. This system impacts all aspects of your business, helping customers, admins, and your revenue.

    Commusoft’s customer self-service platform offers a suite of features covering the booking, estimating, engineer tracking, invoicing, and reviews journeys. Further, we also provide a powerful customer login portal for our clients to extend to their multi-property customers. Streamlining your customer care with software ensures your team provides the best services, without any added stress.

    Ready to see customer self-service in action? Get started by booking a call with our team today!

  • Customer self-service software helps businesses extends working hours (without any additional employees or late nights) by providing digital access to key services at all times of the day. Not only is this convenient for customers, extended availability ensures you’re maximising your ability to book jobs, collect payment, gather customer feedback, and more!

    For customers, worry-free and convenient points of contact with your business is essential. Ultimately, self-service software gives customers more independence and control over how and when they interact with your team, especially when making a phone call isn’t an option!

    Streamlined revenue avenues, powered by automation, guarantee you’re getting the most out of your job management platform, while reducing admin strain and empowering customers.

  • Setting up a self-service system ramps up productivity and improves customer care without adding to your headcount. After all, 24/7 availability guarantees your business is open to accepting bookings, payments, feedback, and more, any time of day! Further, whether your team works from a dedicated office, or from home, these tools keep workflows and team members aligned.

    Increased job bookings and a loyal customer base ensures you can scale operations with confidence. Also, with powerful software covering admin tasks in the background, your office staff can work on other areas of the business.

    With optimised workflows, supported staff, and happy customers, achieving company growth has never been easier.

  • Our self-service suite pricing depends on the size of your team, and Commusoft plan that’s best for you.

    Learn more about Commusoft’s plans here!

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