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Increase Business Revenue With Automated Scheduling

Automation is a surefire way to take full control of employee schedules and increase a business's revenue. The ROI calculator below will help you determine how much time and money automated scheduling and route optimisation can generate! Also, you can calculate the return on investment for implementing Commusoft's smart scheduling system.

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With intelligent scheduling, we estimate that your business could gain:

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The smart scheduling ROI calculator works out how much time can be saved throughout the task of weighing your team's availability, engineer travel times, and scheduling the best appointment. scheduling a job and from engineers' time spent driving.

Discover How You Can Streamline Scheduling While Boosting Profits

Pivot When Customers Need You

Boost Productivity and Revenue

Each minute counts when your customers have last-minute emergency appointments. That’s why it’s important to empower your office staff with an intuitive and effortless scheduling system! A route optimisation algorithm will support your scheduling staff and empower your field crew to take on more jobs per week.

Further, when changes are finalised, there’s no need to pick up the phone; job updates and alerts are automatically sent to the right team member. Improving team productivity while securing your business a positive return on investment has never been easier!

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Benefits of Intelligent Scheduling


Route Optimisation

A route optimisation algorithm does the hard work and finds the most efficient date, time, and engineer for a job. Forget about inefficient routing and planning!

Mass Scheduling

Save even more time by booking tens or hundreds of jobs at once with mass scheduling and let the software process thousands of possible combinations.

Better Visibility and Control

With clear overviews of each engineer's diary, Smart Scheduling enables your team to effortlessly pivot when circumstances change. You're in charge.

Enhanced Engineer Performance

Intelligent scheduling doesn't just analyse the driving distance to a job, but considers existing appointments, engineer skills, shift patterns, and service windows.

Increased Revenue Opportunities

Streamlining the scheduling process gives your entire team the capability to take on more jobs per day. You'll see happier customers and higher profits!

The Right Investment

Automated scheduling can streamline your business’s job bookings like nothing else.

Make sure you invest in the best software possible. Check out Commusoft’s intelligent scheduling now!

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Intelligent Scheduling Software FAQs

  • Automated, Intelligent, or Smart scheduling software is a route optimisation algorithm that suggests appointments. This system lifts admin pressure while ensuring employees work from streamlined schedules.

    Leave appointment scheduling optimisation to us! Commusoft’s intelligent scheduling software suggests thousands of appointments in seconds based on appointment time, driving distance, engineer skills and shifts, and the type of job. Commusoft sorts suggestions from most to least efficient, so your admins and managers can feel confident making a selection. Once the job is scheduled, Commusoft will automatically alert your engineer’s mobile device. This ensures they’ll always be kept in the loop.

    Learn more about Commusoft’s Intelligent Scheduling software here!

Want to See How Smart Routing Technology Works?

To demonstrate the power behind the intelligent scheduling system, we’ve built a web browser game for you to try out our route optimization algorithm. See for yourself how the software optimises routing as new jobs are added to your schedules!

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