Transform Your Electrical Certificates

Filling in electrical certificates is detailed and time-consuming work — that’s a fact. But, it doesn’t have to be difficult. We've revolutionised the process. Store everything in the cloud and allow engineers to create branded documents on mobile devices with Commusoft's electrical certificate software.


Handle Electric Certificates With Ease

Complete Electrical Certificates Anywhere

Paper certificates are easy to lose and difficult to keep tidy. Commusoft allows you to create new electrical safety certificates from your mobile device, even without an internet connection.

Electrical Certificates Templates

Build your own electrical certificates using our time-saving templates. These provide you the starting point to build a variety of existing electrical certificates.

Collect Signatures On-Site

The days of printing out certificates and getting an ink signature from customers are gone. Commusoft allows you to capture digital signatures from both the customer and engineer using a mobile device.

Autofill Customer Details

Commusoft's database automatically populates fields on your certificates with known customer details - saving everyone time and preventing possible mistakes.

Send Certificates Instantly

PDF copies of certificates can be attached to an email and sent to your customer directly from the job site. There's no need for the office to act as a middleman.

Branded, Professional Certificates

Whether you create safety, electrical installation forms, or more, all certificates are branded with your company name, logo and colour scheme.



Switched on Yorkshire LTD

I can say the overall use of this is fantastic; and have, and will always recommend Commusoft!

Power Your Electrical Certificates With Software

Everything Electricians Need, in Their Smartphone

Electrical Certificates

Commusoft allows you to design and build any type of electrical certificate required, so your engineers can handle all varieties of electrical services and installations.

Utilise our template library to start building your own certificates. Simply upload a starting template into the form builder, make any customisations, and deploy for your engineers to access. Templates include:

  • Electrical Installation Condition Report
  • Electrical Installation Certificate
  • Minor Electrical Installation Works Certificate
Electrical certificates

A Paper-Free Solution


Dropping off paperwork and making physical copies for customers is a pain. Safely store all your digital electrical certificates in Commusoft. Everything is in place and is accessible from anywhere. Also, multi-property and commercial clients can access their documents anytime with their personalised customer portal log-in.

  • Save valuable company time and resources
  • Engineers can move onto the next job faster
  • Get electrical certificates into customer hands quicker
Certificates sent via email

Finish Jobs Faster


Manually filling in data, even with a mobile device, can be time-consuming. With Commusoft you can set up default lists of options for your engineers to choose from when on site. This process ensures your electricians complete certificates faster and accurately, every time.

  • Important information will be included in certificates
  • Engineers can fill out certificates quicker
  • Digital certificates are neat and easy-to-read
Certificates on mobile

Help Your Customers 24/7


Whenever they need, multi-property customers can access a complete list of their electrical certificates. Customers can easily download certificates as PDFs or print them. Customers can get what they need and your staff can focus on other tasks.

  • Beneficial for office staff and customers
  • Customers can help themselves at their convenience
  • Electrical certificates will never be lost again
Customer portal screens

Get the Most Out of Your Electrical Safety Certificates!

Electrical Certificate Software FAQs

  • Digital electrical certificates completely replace the need for paper certificates. Don’t worry, we’ll give you all the tools you need to quickly complete digital safety certificates! Our client success team is more than happy to show your team how to create and complete custom forms in your personalised training calls. Learn more about training and onboarding with Commusoft.

    To help you get started quickly, we have templates available for a variety of existing electrical certificates. Once uploaded, these templates are the starting point for you to build your own versions of these forms, where you have the freedom to make any customisations you require.

    We’ll help you ensure engineers complete these forms directly from the job site, receive digital signatures, and save them to the customer record straightaway.

    If there are any bumps in the road, our client service team is a quick email or phone call away.

  • All of our electrical certificates are customisable. To learn more about the customisation options and building new forms from scratch, check out our custom forms feature!

  • Yes! We offer a small number of starting templates for existing electrical certificates. These offer an initial blueprint for you to upload into your account and are fully customisable by you. Please note, it will be your business’s responsibility to ensure that these certificates are updated to meet any legal requirements as they will not be maintained by Commusoft.

    Starting electrical templates include:

    • Electrical Installation Condition Report
    • Electrical Installation Certificate
    • Minor Electrical Installation Works Certificate
  • Commusoft’s pricing depends on how many licenses you need and which of our plans you choose.

    To see all of our pricing details and which features are included on which plans, check out our pricing page.

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