M&E – Mechanical and Electrical Job Management Software

Commusoft is the all-in-one job management software solution for M&E businesses looking to organise, streamline and ramp up their day-to-day processes

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Provide the best possible customer service

Your office staff and engineers will never be caught out again thanks to a comprehensive and searchable customer database that includes a complete history of work.

Go digital and forget the paperwork mountain

Dealing with paper job sheets, certificates and invoices can be a real nightmare. Create digital documents and store everything in the cloud with Commusoft.

Create a more efficient workforce

With features like dynamic scheduling and the ability to invoice directly from the job site, your staff will be more efficient than ever. This means getting more jobs and increasing profits.

M&E – Mechanical and Electrical Job Management Software

Intelligent scheduling and easy engineer diary management

There’s nothing worse than your engineer spending half their day on the road instead of at job sites. Intelligent scheduling automatically finds the most appropriate engineer and time slot for a job based on availability and proximity — minimising fuel consumption and maximising productivity. Had an emergency appointment and need to get an engineer out ASAP? No problem, drag and drop booking and rearranging of appointments is fast and easy and your engineer will receive an instant update to their mobile app.

M&E – Mechanical and Electrical Job Management Software

Manage a comprehensive customer database

Having all your customers’ details and work history to hand is essential if you’re going to provide a truly personalised customer experience and anticipate their needs. With Commusoft, everything is stored in one central location and can be brought up with just a few taps thanks to our powerful search functionality.

M&E – Mechanical and Electrical Job Management Software

Never lose track of your jobs

When you’re having to request manual updates from the various departments in your M&E company, it can be all too easy to miss vital information and lose track of progress. Commusoft allows you to keep track of every appointment, certificate, invoice and more involved with the work. Your office staff receive immediate notifications whenever something changes, so everyone is kept in the loop.

M&E – Mechanical and Electrical Job Management Software

A comprehensive mobile application helps M&E engineers manage their work on the road

Whether you’re an Android or iOS user you’re going to love the Commusoft mobile app. Your engineers can complete job feedback, digital certificates, estimates and more all from the job site using their mobile — there’s no need to provide additional tech. They’ll receive instant updates with any changes to their diaries and can manage their time accordingly.

M&E – Mechanical and Electrical Job Management Software

Clean, clear estimates that win more jobs

Creating attractive estimates is essential for winning new jobs, especially if this is the first time a customer is interacting with your M&E company. With Commusoft’s job management system, you can create professional estimates with multiple job options and any necessary parts from any location. Your customers can accept them directly from your engineer using the Commusoft app, or access the estimate portal to make their final selection. The choice is theirs.

M&E – Mechanical and Electrical Job Management Software

Get paid faster with efficient invoicing and integrations

One of the biggest challenges for M&E businesses is getting paid for completed works. A way of reducing the chances of non-payment is to provide quick, professional invoices. Your office staff are notified as soon as a job is complete which means they can prepare and send invoices the same day. With card integrations you can even take direct payments through Commusoft. Custom creditor days and debtor reports mean you’ll always know exactly when to begin chasing customers.

Our Customers Favourite Features


Create beautiful quotations using pre-built price books and parts lists from a site or from the office allowing you to deliver quotations to customers faster.

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Schedule labour on the diary and get your engineer noticed in real-time, reduce your engineers' travel and increase your company's speed and efficiency.

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Commusoft’s M&E software stores all your customers in a single database and allows you to manage records in a simple and intuitive way.

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Filling in paper health and safety certificates is time consuming and frankly, a little tedious. Digital forms can be completed quickly and easily using the app, saved and attached to the customer account.

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Looking to increase your business?

Commusoft is online, all-in-one software designed from the ground up for M&E businesses.

From the office or on the road, Commusoft optimises the entire workflow for M&E companies—from when a customer calls or emails through price quotes, jobs, scheduling, purchase orders, reporting, and, finally, invoicing.

With powerful integrated tools and analytics, Commusoft’s job management software is perfect for businesses looking to stay organised and increase their revenue.


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Commusoft’s powerful software is designed to help you manage your M&E business.

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“The main great thing about Commusoft is the fact that everything is in one. What is really important for us, is a software that delivers a great customer service and helps people out. If the software wouldn’t support us with this it would be a catastrophe. Because, imagine someone calls up because they’ve got no […]

Julia Winkler at Ian Finch Plumbing & Heating Ltd


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