Training and Onboarding

With Commusoft, you get more than just powerful software. Training and onboarding is designed to help you configure key areas of the system, while encouraging best practice usage and data management. Our experienced and dedicated team are here to provide you with the support and guidance necessary to ensure you get the most out of Commusoft.

Training Plans




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What Our Clients Say

“The training we received was 5 stars and went above and beyond to ensure we were using all the functions the software has to offer as there are so many.”

Luke, Commusoft User

“Training provided has been extremely good. Trainer rep has been very helpful and supportive throughout the process of getting our business set up with Commusoft.”

Aoife, Sterling Plumbers Ltd

”Being such a complete package means there is a lot to learn, and although the training may seem costly on the surface of it, once you have had the training you can understand why you need it, there is so much you can do to tailor the software around your company…"

Brian, Heating South West Ltd

“The training was brilliant. Support staff was exceptional at her job and really puts you at ease with what you are doing on the software.”

David, Epic Global Group Ltd

“Customer support rep was fantastic at training, tailoring it to my needs. She went beyond training, to actually give business advice too.”

Ondien, Harvard Heating Services Ltd

“From the initial enquiry to our final training session with (the brilliant ) representative the process has been one I've enjoyed”

Lee, Shoreline Plumbing, Heating & Gas

Our Training Philosophy

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Why Training?

We want to get your team started on the right foot and feeling confident with the system. After all, Commusoft is broad-ranging software that helps with all aspects of managing your work. Learning how to use the system on your own is no easy task, especially if you hope to make use of its full potential, which is why we now provide training as part of the onboarding experience for all clients. This ensures you get the best out of Commusoft as quickly as possible and can implement powerful workflows to streamline your business.


Learning from Experience

Our expert training team knows Commusoft inside out – not only that, but they know field service businesses too. Their sole purpose is to get you set up using the system in the best way for your business, considering your team dynamic, company size, industry, and many more unique factors. With this tailored approach, our trainers can share their vast experience with Commusoft in the most effective way and help you gain a true understanding of the functions and tools available to you.

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Excel with Continued Support

Training is only the beginning of your journey with Commusoft. Our Client Services team are here to support you along the way as your business develops and grows. Run into a problem with the system? No problem – simply call or email and our dedicated team will be on it. Need a refresher or wish to train some new staff? We can do that too! We’re always here to make sure you get the most out from Commusoft – just let us know how we can help!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is onboarding training required?

Training is required to ensure that new Commusoft users get started on the right foot and feel confident with the system. Our expert training team will guide you through best practices and core workflows, so your business can implement Commusoft as successfully as possible.

How is training conducted?

Training is conducted via online screen share and over the phone. Our team utilise TeamViewer, which allows you to see and control the same screen at once. You’ll also be able to chat with your trainer and ask any questions as they guide you through the system. Your trainer will follow up with you by email after each call to recap what was covered and provide any next steps or preparations for upcoming sessions.

Who should do the training?

There is no limitation on how many people can attend training sessions, so as many of your team as you like can listen to the training calls. However, we will primarily work with a designated individual (e.g. your office manager) who will attend all training sessions. They will then be able to disseminate information to the rest of your team as required.

How long does the training take?

Which plan you are on determines the length of your training, please see the number of sessions per plan above. Sessions can be carried out across the set training period as required, though clients typically opt for 1 or 2 sessions per week. All training sessions must be booked and confirmed in advance.

Can I opt for a different training package?

Each of our pricing plans comes with a set onboarding package included. However, you can choose to upgrade your training and onboarding package to receive additional sessions, if this would be beneficial for your team.

Do you offer on-site training?

We find that most of our clients do not need on-site training, however, it is available for an additional cost should this be required. The cost of our on-site training packages understandably reflects the significant time and travel impact for our team. Our sales team can discuss these training options with you further.

Do you offer refresher training?

Yes! Refresher training is a great way to keep your team using Commusoft to its fullest, for training new staff, or to learn how to implement new features or workflows. Any of our training plans (Essential, Advanced, Premium, Premium Plus) can be added on at anytime. If you are interested in additional training, please contact our support team who are happy to outline these options.

Do you have an online knowledge base?

Yes! We maintain a detailed and comprehensive online knowledge base, so you always have access to a wealth of information regarding Commusoft. This includes guides on setting up areas of the system, frequently asked questions, and troubleshooting tips.

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