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How Do You Improve a Customer’s Experience of your Services?

January 19, 2021 - Customer Journeys - 10 minutes

How do you improve customer service experience?

Answer: you refine every touchpoint to create world-class customer journeys!


Adjusting every touchpoint might sound like it will take a lot of work, but I know you’re not here so you can add time-consuming tasks to your already busy workload!

Fortunately, you’ll be relieved to read that the steps you can take are pretty straightforward, and in this post we’ll keep it focused on a few helpful (but impactful) tips.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at how a few adjustments can help you deliver successful experiences to your customers and allow them to enjoy excellent journeys.

  1. A shift in perspective.
  2. Reshape and optimise your journeys.
  3. Empower staff to do great things.
  4. Spread the word and generate reviews!

1. A shift in perspective.

Making changes isn’t just about learning how to use a new tool: it’s also about your state of mind. After all, it can be easy to get caught out thinking how technical changes affect your business without putting the necessary emphasis on how they’ll also impact your customers in a more personal way.

Don’t worry, we’re not trying to guilt-trip anyone here, it’s only natural to look a little more inwardly, but it should be easy to see how this can be a problem for a service business. After all, any changes that impact your day-to-day tasks will inevitably have a knock-on effect on your customers, too and at the end of the day, they’re people too, so it helps to make sure you’re appealing to them in a human way! To improve customer service experience and to do it well, you should put yourself in their shoes to think about what the impact could be.

For example, we can talk for days about how a booking portal will save your administrative staff time, effort, and help you win more work, but there’s more to it than simply getting one installed on your website. That would be too easy! 

In reality, to make sure your business can actually benefit from this solution, the way you implement it needs to be done right. Is it accessible, easy to use, an clear?

Solutions like these need to be easy for your customers to use and integrate neatly with your own processes. When done right, it means you can eliminate as many points of friction in the customer journey as possible and make it easy on your team too. As a result, customers will react positively time and time again, and that means positive results for you, too!

After all, as The CX Lead reports:

“Loyal customers will keep coming back to support your business, in fact, 84% of companies that make an effort to improve their customer experience strategy say that they have boosted their revenue.” Not only that, but 87% of customers, who believe that they had a great experience […] say they are likely to purchase from that same company.”

CX Lead.

Think about your own experience of using a service. Whether it’s booking a hotel, ordering food, or simply shopping online. Sometimes you find yourself thinking: “That was so easy, I barely realized I was doing it!”

That’s not an accident. The reason why they’re so successful is because of companies like Amazon or Uberm who have optimised the process, right down to the way your eyes follow the page (we’re not kidding, they’re called online shopping heatmaps). 

When designing your booking process (and any point a customer interacts with your business, really), you need to think about what attracts them and makes it easy to interact. It never hurts to see what the best in the business are doing, because it’s often a good indication of your customer’s expectations.

Customer journeys with portals

2. Improve customer service experience by reshaping your journeys

Let’s stick with the booking portal idea for a moment! It’s a great way for customers to make a straightforward inquiry, and, if set up well, you can even empower customers to move through the full booking journey on their own, no office staff required.

Is it 1-Click Booking? Not exactly: more like 3 clicks (which is still amazing!) but certainly no phone calls necessary. As stated though, you’ll have to consider a few other things when it comes to implementing the actual portal, such as:

  • Where are you placing the portal on your website? (Is it on your homepage?)
  • How are you linking to the portal? (Is it easy to find?) 
  • How does it look on the page? (Are there distractions/colour choices that make it unclear?)
  • What does the content say? (i.e. Is it easy to understand its purpose?)

These factors all impact how a customer interacts with your business. Keeping the information clear, easy to find, and concise will help customers find the solution they’re after; it’s a great strategy to establish trust from the get-go. 

Of course, you also want customers to have a convenient way of solving more complex issues, so if your portal can’t help, you should provide another easy way for them to contact you, i.e. by phone or email. Just because you’re using a great new tool like a booking portal, it doesn’t mean other solutions should be ignored or forgotten!

The point is to have something for every preference out there. 

Thumbs up

Simple as these things may seem, you can think of it like preventive maintenance for your own business, with clear options designed to help customers and prevent problems. If they’re having to make multiple frustrating phone calls, going round and round to get the information they need, then you’re going to have a bad time. Instead, put key info front and centre.

After all, the customer experience declines when they have to click on 10 links to get basic information, or if they can’t find what they want at all because your menus or site structure are confusing. It’s important to get these touchpoints right, no matter the size of your business, especially if you’re still trying to make winning first impressions.

They count. 

It may sound simplistic, but as before, think about your own experiences; if a website doesn’t look good on mobile, or is difficult to navigate, you’d go back to looking for one that’s nicer to use, too, right? (!)

This is part of an issue where you need to think about what might put off someone from converting from a curious observer to a paying customer. Having the technology is only half the battle: it needs to be implemented and implemented well so that the right way to use it is obvious, regardless of your customers’ preferred method of contact. Doing this will help you to improve customer service experience tremendously.

For more website advice, be sure to watch our video:
Field Service Website Review – How To Improve your Website

3. Empower staff to do great things.

When it comes to other interactions, you want to make sure that your staff are in the best position possible to interact with your customers. Interactions may be going increasingly digital, but face-to-face will always play a big role in field service work, and no one’s people skills should be neglected.

Whether they’re working online at home, out in the field, or in the office, everyone in your business should know the best way to get their respective jobs time. This is where you software comes into its own:

  • Set standards (set job descriptions), 
  • Use workflows (benefit from automation)
  • Benefit from reminders (improve diary management)
  • Make gathering data easy (enjoy easy data entry)

With these solutions in place and with the right technology, your software can enhance your employees’ work and prevent them from becoming disorganised. 

improve customer service experience

Software helps them communicate faster, smarter, and more efficiently by reducing manual input, as well as human error. 

After all, speedy responses make a customer feel important, and also increases their confidence in your business’s capabilities. If your staff are able to deal with issues faster because information is readily available, actionable, and syncs up in real-time, then everyone stands to benefit from these seemingly simple adjustments.

Looking for a solution?

Consider Customer Journeys with Commusoft!

improve customer service experience

4. Spread the word and generate reviews!

Of course, while it’s nice to know you’re making a difference and helping people have more enjoyable experiences, you likely want more than a warm fuzzy feeling, right?

While these changes will yield a variety of benefits for you to enjoy, like easier bookings, improved engagement, and better data collection, what’s even better is when they help attract other customers. How? From online reviews, naturally! 

While customers may feel compelled to leave an excellent review at the end of your service, it’s true that in many cases, without being nudged, most will just pay their bill and carry on with their lives.


That’s no bad thing and it may even lead them to become a repeat customer, but there’s definitely more they can do. After all, if they’re happy to use your services again, then they’re exactly the kind of people that you want to hear singing your praises!

Repeat business and the potential for new customers? What’s not to like?

By asking your satisfied customers to leave a review of your services, you’re increasing the chances that other people will feel confident that your service can do the same for them, too. 

Your word is good, no doubt about it, but the word of other customers can go a long way to inspiring new ones to pursue their own journeys with you. If even one person reads a review that says it was “easy to book”, “communication was clear” and that it all ended with “incredible work” then you’re likely to reap more rewards sooner or later.

No matter the size of your business, reviews are a great thing to have, but if you don’t ask for them, you’re far less likely to get them!

To lend a helping hand, be sure to take a look below and download our free guide start generating more reviews, today! 


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The takeaway on how to improve customer service experience

We’ve already covered a few areas where small changes can go a long way to provide your customers with great value. 

However, we’re not done yet! 

For those who might like to learn through video, then you’ll not want to miss out on Success in the Field, a Commusoft web series, where we dive deeper into the value of remarkable customer journeys.

Click below to watch Jason, Jack, and even some very special guests in conversation about the ways you can grow your business and start to take customers on world-class journeys: 

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