Gather feedback to optimise your customer service

Customer satisfaction is important for growing your business. Asking customers for feedback can let you know which areas you are successful and where there is room for improvement. Commusoft's after-sales care portal does this for you, by providing an automated way of gathering feedback on completed jobs.

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After-sales care feature

Knowing whether a customer rates their business with you as positive or negative is hugely important for understanding how to grow your company and gain repeat business. The after-sales care portal can do exactly that by giving customers the ability to complete a simple, yet effective customer feedback form. Let customers give you a thumbs-up/ thumbs-down and provide feedback in the form of text - so you have the data needed to work on improving your customer satisfaction. Higher levels of customer satisfaction mean more repeat business, more referrals, and ultimately more money coming in.

Enhance oversight of your customer satisfaction

Receive feedback

Thumbs-up/ thumbs-down feedback provides you with an overall measure of how successful your customer service is, which you can view through the customer satisfaction module in the reporting dashboard.

Recognise problems

The after-sales care portal also allows customers to provide feedback in the form of text. Listening to customers allows you to work out where you might be falling flat or recognise whether you are having repeat issues with certain employees.

Implement changes

Once you are aware of what your customers like and don't like about their interactions with your business, you can use this information to implement changes that grow your customer satisfaction.

Customer feedback

Listen to your customers

Once your sales process is fully complete with a customer and they have paid their final invoice, you can send them a request for feedback. They can either give you a thumbs up or a thumbs down and will also have the option to include a text response. Get a glowing review? Share it with the engineer and let them know they’re doing a good job. Receive a complaint? See what you can do to address it, fix your customer relationship, and implement changes to avoid it happening again.

Customer satisfaction

Track customer satisfaction

A rolling measurement of customer satisfaction is viewable within the reporting dashboard. This is a percentage based on the number of positive and negative responses you have received from customers and provides a simple way to see how happy your customers are with your work. A record of each customer’s feedback is also saved to the related job, for your records.

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