Appliance management for field service businesses

Having the right information to hand is always a plus. With a single click you can view all of the appliances against a property and the location of other items such as the carbon monoxide alarm. This not only speeds up your response, but avoids wasting time on a site visit, or long phone calls when booking in a job.

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Appliance management software

Commusoft lets you keep a record of what boilers, fires, cookers and other appliances a property has installed, whether gas, oil, electric, solid fuel or other.

Get the full picture with Commusoft’s appliance management

Keep track of locations

With Commusoft you can store accurate and up-to-date information about properties and what appliances they have. As you will appreciate, this can save you large amounts of time and reduce costs as the engineers know what to expect when they turn up onsite.

Web and mobile access

Whether you’re on a mobile, or in the office, you can access all of this information with a single click. All data is synced real-time so you’ve always got the most up-to-date information.

All relevant information

Having as much information as possible whether in the office on your PC/Mac or onsite on your phone or tablet can make all the difference. Commusoft lets you store industry-specific appliance information, including oil burner and nozzle information as well as GC number and appliance status.

Access information anywhere, anytime

Your Commusoft database is available anytime, anywhere even without an internet connection. Your engineers can access up-to-date appliance information on their mobile. This helps reduce the number of enquiry calls they make, further reducing the burden on the team back in the office. If you don’t have a central office, then being able to access the database from a mobile device is essential for you to be able to work smartly.

View appliance history with a single click

Understanding the history of an appliance can be the difference between fixing it and suggesting a replacement (which could be worth £100s or £1000s to your business). Knowing upfront that an appliance has already been serviced or repaired dozens of times helps your engineers make sensible decisions and provide advice to customers. Commusoft lets you view an entire appliance history, including engineer notes and who installed the appliance, all with a single click.

Certificate creation

The best people to capture appliance information are your engineers. They are onsite and can easily gather information as they go from job to job. Commusoft enables them to add appliances and create certificates from their iPhone, iPad or Android device anywhere, even without an internet connection. In this way you eliminate additional paperwork when the engineers arrive back at the office.

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