Automated Invoicing Software

Benefit from admin-free automated invoicing

Nothing is faster or easier for your team than an automated process. When your invoices are automatically generated and sent to the customer based on the type of job, you can rely on a prompt, consistent, and admin-free workflow every time.

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Invoice customers promptly

As soon as the job is complete, the invoice is on its way. Customers don't have to wait for the office to process their invoice and can pay even faster too.

Save on invoicing time

Automated invoicing software means you can raise invoices without any admin time from your office or field teams - it's all done for them by Commusoft.

Consistency from all engineers

If an engineer isn't sure how to charge for a particular job - no problem. Automated invoicing offers consistency without having to rely on individual staff.

Automated Invoicing Functions

  • Automatically create and send invoices without admin
  • Choose which types of job invoice automatically
  • Define pricing items and labour rates per job type
  • Set different rules and prices for different types of customer
Examples of automated invoicing

Admin-free invoicing, your way

Commusoft allows you to set up an automated invoicing process unique to each type of job you offer. If you wish to automatically invoice flat fee services, manually invoice installations, and automatically invoice call-outs by labour and parts – you can! With such a customisable system, you can set up your invoicing processes to work best for your business, all while drastically cutting admin time for your office and field teams.

Rules for automated invoicing

Automated rules for different situations

Depending on the type of work and the type of customer, you may prefer to use different rules for your automated invoicing. Commusoft offers two core options: to invoice when the job is created (charged by set pricing items) or upon job completion (charged by pricing items, labour, and materials). On top of this, you can set different rules for different types of customer for each job. For example, a boiler service may have one rule for private customers and a different rule for estate agents, so you can properly tailor the experience to the customer.

Advanced labour rates

Assign advanced labour rates

Every job type in Commusoft can have a specific labour rate assigned to it, so the correct labour costing will always be calculated and charged. To handle a variety of situations, labour rates offer advanced settings such as rounding rules and the amount of discretionary minutes included. Additionally, labour rates can be modified by day of the week and time too, so weekends, early mornings, or late evenings can all be charged accordingly. With access to these advanced labour rates, the system can accurately create an automated invoice with the precise charges for the job.

Price books for automated invoicing

Price differently by customer

You may not always charge every customer the same, even for the same standard work. For example, if you’ve worked with a loyal customer for a long time – you may offer a discount, or if they live outside your usual working area – you may charge a premium. Commusoft can handle all these complexities with price books. Each price book allows you to modify the price associated to the specified pricing items and labour rates. Once that price book is assigned to a customer, the automated invoicing software will always reference their price book rates first.

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