Offer Consistent Experiences While Reducing Credit Card Fees

Trades business who use Commusoft and GoCardless take control of payments and recurring billing schedules by setting up Instant Bank Pay and collecting payments via Open Banking.

Oversee Payments With Commusoft

Reduce High Fees

GoCardless Instant Bank Pay is typically 54% cheaper than online card transactions.

Set Credit Card Limits

Use Instant Bank Pay for higher value transactions by setting a limit for credit card transactions.

Reduce Admin Strain

GoCardless enables admins to create recurring billing calendars, so they can spend less time managing and chasing payments.

Get the Most From GoCardless and Commusoft

The credit card fees associated with high-value jobs greatly impact our clients’ revenue. Our GoCardless integration empowers our clients to offer instant banking payment options to their customers.

Commusoft allows clients to set a limit for the amount of money that can be paid via credit card. When the limit is surpassed, the Commusoft invoicing system automatically offers Instant Bank Pay with GoCardless instead. This solution guarantees our clients can reap more profits from high-value jobs, motivates customers to pay sooner, and reduces the admin burden of chasing late payments. Further, this solution is perfect for trades businesses that offer service contracts; you can create automatic payment schedules, which is a convenient payment solution for both admins and your customers.

What is GoCardless?

GoCardless is a digital payment platform that offers smarter ways for businesses to diversify their transactions. These solutions make it easier to receive customer payments, all while reducing costly fees and administrative headaches.

GoCardless Integration FAQs

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