Maximise customer satisfaction and profits with our customer database

Commusoft's customer database software helps your field service business grow by optimising your time and revenue. We provide a way to reduce the hours spent organising and managing customer accounts, handling communications and cancellations, and booking jobs. Storing all your information safely in one place, we provide the right tools to improve business strategy and organisation. Commusoft allows your entire team to efficiently manage and retrieve records - both in the office and on the go.

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Save time for both you and your customers. When you have everything at your fingertips, accessing client information is simple. The quicker you find a customer's information, the quicker you serve their needs.

Impress customers with an intuitive customer database

Reduce admin tasks

Free up more of your time with a simple customer database. Once you add information, you can rely on that data for your business needs. No more searching through a file cabinet for records or asking customers the same details over and over.

Keep track of customers

Commusoft's customer relationship management (CRM) database eliminates the paper trail - collating all customer, job, and communication records together in real time. Log emails, phone calls, text messages, and notes against customers and jobs.

Manage estate agents and landlords

With the customer/work address relationship, you can effortlessly link one or thousands of properties to a single owner. This helps you effectively manage different types of customers and their real estate.

Customer record in the database

Customers drive your business

Your field service business wouldn’t exist without customers. Customers are happy when you understand their problems and needs, recall job history, and communicate effectively. Ensure that their satisfaction is the priority with the best customer database. Read more about how one business improved their customer service with our software.

Customer Database automation

Automate the customer experience

Concentrate on growing profits while Commusoft takes care of repetitive and time-consuming tasks. Our customer database was built to maximise your time while providing a smooth experience for your customers. The software streamlines and automates many tasks, including job confirmations, estimate reminders, service reminders, and customer feedback (to name a few).

List of customers

Streamline contacts and communication preferences

Store all customer data in one secure place. Add companies, estate agents, landlords, and more. Also, our customer database lets you customise how information is communicated. To make sure you communicate on their terms, select whether customers prefer a phone call, text message, email, or letter.

Search your customer database

Powerful search

Find what you’re looking for in seconds with our search tool on both web and mobile apps. Commusoft offers a quick way to search for a customer, phone number, property, job number, invoice number, suppliers, parts, and much more.

Job management attached files

Enhance customer accounts with attached files

With the best customer database, you’re able to store anything you like in a customer account – adding important details while eliminating paper. Commusoft’s comprehensive customer database accepts files such as product manuals, images, PDFs, Excel spreadsheets, or audio files. You and your team can upload, view, or download these files from a computer or mobile device. This feature allows engineers to access files in real time wherever they are.

Appliance management mobile app

Assets and technical information at your fingertips

The right data helps your business succeed. View a property’s assets and item locations with a single click. Commusoft’s customer data management software also allows you to store technical information against a customer. This speeds up your response to their communications and prevents wasting time at a job. No need for any more long phone calls to ask customers questions they’ve already answered.

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