Customer Portal

Remove the back-and-forth with a convenient customer portal

Commusoft’s customer portal gives your customers 24/7 access to their work records, such as jobs, appointments, invoices, and certificates. This not only reduces the number of enquiries made to your office, but gives customers what they want - a quick and convenient way to stay up to date. Additionally, new properties and jobs can be easily added from the customer portal with reduced admin for your team.

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24/7 customer convenience

These days customers demand convenience - and nothing is more convenient than an online portal that offers 24/7 access to vital information and documents.

Reduce calls and emails

When customers need an update, they'll often call or email - taking up admin time and blocking your phone lines. Now, you can simply invite them to use the customer portal.

Impress with a pro service

The customer portal is not only convenient, but will impress customers with the professional service you offer, which can be critical for securing certain customers and contracts.

Customer Portal Functions

  • Give access to view all properties
  • See a list of all jobs and estimates
  • Add new jobs and properties
  • Access photos, files, and job reports
  • View invoices and any unpaid debts
  • Download and print certificates
  • Track every appointment
  • Manage multiple contractors
View all properties on a customer portal

Share work history for each customer property

Once a customer has been invited to use the customer portal, they can securely log in and view all of their properties saved in your database. This is ideal for any landlords, estate agents, and property managers that you work with as they can quickly access records for hundreds of addresses at once. Plus, using the search bar they can find what they need in seconds! With just a click, your customers can then see every job or estimate logged against a property.

Customer portal showing job overview

Reduce customer queries with detailed job overviews

Your customers won’t just receive a list of jobs for a property, but can access a detailed overview for every one of those jobs or estimates from the portal too. This means your customers can view diary appointments, any uploaded photos or attached files, completed certificates and forms, as well as the job report itself. By making this information readily available to customers, you can significantly reduce the number of calls into your office to request updates or copies of certificates and job reports.

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View appointments on the customer portal

Update appointment statuses in real time

With the customer portal, your customers can check the status of any appointments – past, present, and future. This makes it simple for customers to see which appointments have been booked, completed, marked as no access or cancelled, or when the engineer is travelling to or working on site. This functionality is incredibly useful for estate agents and landlords who may not need to receive alerts and notifications from you for each tenant’s job, but still wish to oversee what’s occurring.

Customer portal to view invoices

Clearly present all unpaid invoices to reduce debt

Commusoft’s customer portal offers your customers more visibility into their finances by displaying a full list of invoices and including how much has or hasn’t yet been paid. By clearly marking unpaid invoices in red (and including a useful ‘unpaid’ filter), it’s easy for customers to stay on top of their debts and keep the cash flowing in for your business. Plus, customers can conveniently view and print the branded invoice too.

View all certificates via the customer portal

Download and print certificates via the portal

A common request from customers is for copies of old certificates and forms – especially from landlords and estate agents. Although Commusoft offers easy ways to share PDF certificates by email, customers may still misplace them or won’t bother to look. As a result your office phone line is constantly busy with customers asking for these documents. With the customer portal, your customers can simply log in and view every completed certificate on their account – and can quickly download and print the PDF too!

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