Digital Certificates

Generate branded certificates for your industry

Commusoft's digital certificate software provides an easy-to-use mobile solution for completing industry-standard certificates on site. Forget about tattered or lost paper certificates and say hello to professional digital certificates which can be emailed directly to your customers.

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Renewables certificate feature


No more lost, torn, or tattered certificates. All your certificates are safely stored online and accessible from the site and office, ensuring digital record of your work.

Faster certificates

Automatically add customer details from your records and allow engineers to quickly select predefined answers, saving you from manually typing and duplicating information.

Branded documents

Digital certificates look great! Add your company's logo and select a colour to match your branding, ensuring certificates look professional and properly reflect your business.

Gas certificates

Industry-standard certificates available

Commusoft provide a range of industry-standard certificates, ideal for different companies. For full lists of digital certificates offered, please select your industry below:

Fire certificates available to complete in Commusoft

Complete certificates from a mobile device

Forget carrying around multiple pads of paper certificates or not having the correct certificate for the job. Commusoft enables you to access and complete a wide variety of certificates all from your smartphone or tablet. This offers engineers a better way of filling out certificates – faster data entry, autocompleting customer details, and customisable dropdown menus all make the experience smoother.

Certificates digital signature capture

Collect customer sign off on site

Digital signature capture ensures you have a record of the customer’s sign off for the certificate completed. Once the customer signs the certificate, the engineer is required to add their own signature to verify that they have completed the inspection. With on-screen capture, signatures are quick and easy to add and are all included on the final PDF as well.

Send certificate PDF to customers

Instantly send to customers

Once a certificate is completed on site, you can instantly email a PDF version of the full document to your customer or any other stakeholders. These professional PDF certificates are branded with your logo and company colour scheme, so can easily reflect your unique brand. Every certificate you create for a customer is also saved against the job record in Commusoft where it can be downloaded, printed, or sent again if needed.

Access the customer database anywhere

Backed up and centralised records

Our comprehensive customer database stores all documents and certificates against the appropriate customer and job in Commusoft, so your office staff will always be fully informed when tracking completed work. No need to worry about filing hundreds or thousands of certificates and records, everything you need is securely backed up and available online.

Form question types

Create custom forms for any situation

In addition to our industry-standard certificates, we also offer fully customisable forms, which you can build from scratch. These are perfect for when you need professional custom paperwork for jobs, inspections, safety checks, or anything else. You select the required questions and inputs, design the PDF template (meaning you have 100% control of how it looks!), and deploy to engineers’ mobile devices. All custom forms also benefit from autofilling customer details, signature capture, online back ups, and more of our digital certificate tools.

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