Engineer tracking portal for your customers

When engineers are on the last leg of their journey to a customer's property, they can no send a customer a link to the engineer profile and tracking portal. Let customers see who is on their way and when they are expected to arrive.

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Engineer tracking portal

Letting customers see when the engineer is on their way can help decrease no-access jobs, as the customer can ensure they are available to provide access to the property. It can also help the customer find the engineer in situations where there is confusion about the exact property location. Furthermore, integrated tracking systems are becoming more and more expected by consumers - think ride sharing apps, take aways, and parcel deliveries. Delight your customers with efficient and helpful tools that will keep them coming back. The tracking feature is reliant upon our Real-Time Vehicle Tracking feature, however, an engineer profile (without tracking) is available without GPS.

Reduce no-access scenarios and improve customer satisfaction

Convenient for customers

Customers want a better idea of when to expect an engineer. The tracking portal lets the customer relax and know exactly when to expect their service appointment.

Real-time tracking

Tracking of the engineer is possible through our real-time vehicle tracking feature. Our vehicle trackers let your customer know where the engineer is and is required for this feature to work.

Engineer profile

If you don't have our real-time tracking feature, an engineer profile is available instead. This will include your engineer's name, photograph, and any industry relevant information, letting your customer know who to expect.

Engineer tracking portal

Give customers more information

Customers often have to wait around for service appointments, so will appreciate being able to track your engineer on the way to their property, as well as knowing exactly who they should expect to arrive. Whether you use this feature alongside our Real-Time Vehicle Tracking  or without the GPS tracking capability, it’s a useful tool to add to your software package.

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