Let customers accept estimates and pay initial deposits online

Tired of following up your estimates and chasing deposits? With Commusoft's online estimates portal, your customers review and accept an estimate with a few easy clicks, straight from their email. If there is an initial deposit due, you can even take the payment right there and then.

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Whether you send paper or digital estimates to your customers, there is a significant admin burden. First, you wait for a customer to accept the estimate, next, make a record that the estimate has been accepted, get in contact with your customer to take payment of the deposit, and finally make a record of that payment. Commusoft's online estimates portal streamlines this entire process. This allows your customers to accept an estimate and pay the deposit all within a few moments of opening their email, plus the records are automatically made in your Commusoft database, without you ever lifting a finger. This gives you back time in your day to focus on more important things and rest assured that deposits are received.

Breakdown the barriers between you and your customers

Save time

Chasing customers for any reason is a labour intensive process for your office staff. Save time and resources by using software that allows customers to quickly accept estimates, so you can start the job sooner.

Easy payment

Have your customers pay online with their credit card as soon as they have accepted your estimate. Gone are the days of manually taking payments over the phone.

Instant records

Stop spending valuable time entering records. Commusoft tracks and records the entire estimates process and simply lets you know when your estimate is accepted and deposit paid.


Smooth out the estimates process

Our simple online estimates portal makes it easy for customers to read the estimate and accept it straight away. Giving customers a convenient and quick way to accept an estimate will reduce the time you spend following-up with customers. You can also choose to include a PDF copy of the estimate for your customer’s records.

Pay estimate online

Take payment of deposits immediately

Don’t worry about chasing deposits. With the online estimates portal, once a customer accepts your quote, they can immediately pay the deposit with their credit or debit card. The sooner you get paid, the sooner you can start the job, and be ready to start the next one. This also saves office staff the hassle of calling up customers to take payment over the phone, Commusoft does the work for you. You will need to integrate Commusoft with either Stripe or WorldPay in order to accept payments online.

Estimates portal email

Free up time for staff

With Commusoft’s estimates portal, you send an email with a link to their estimate. In just a few simple clicks, you receive acceptance and any deposit payment. No more need to spend excessive time following up or struggling to get in touch with your customer so they can pay their deposit. This saves office staff the hassle of calling up customers to take payment over the phone – Commusoft does the work for you.

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