Ensure Every Proposal is Priced for Profit

Juggling the cost of labour and parts, while factoring your markup, margins, and any discounts is difficult without the right system. Do it wrong and you can find yourself making little to no profit. Commusoft gives sales teams the tools to understand the true financial impact of each opportunity they are working on. Discover how clear pricing information takes the guesswork out of budgeting, so you can make the profit you want every time.

Commusoft's sales budgeting software
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Budget Each Sale Your Way

Margins at a Glance

View the different costs and expected profit for each proposal, as you build it.

Detailed Labour Rates

Set standard or custom labour rates that factor in variables such as day, time, and job type.

Include Exact Parts

Add your parts list with prices, photos, categories, and more, to easily pull the required parts into a proposal.

Manage All Suppliers

Salespeople can log different suppliers, access their parts while building proposals, then select the cheapest option.

Offer Versatile Pricing

Customise margins, offer discounts, and control gross profit for each proposal, or specific opportunity.

Integrate Price Books

Sync your price books from Commusoft Jobs to easily customise pricing per customer.



PCL Heating and Gas Engineers

The new Sales platform has been a game changer...being able to clearly see our profit margins for each job has made it a lot easier to price up quotes!”

Set Cost-Effective Profit Margins

Skip the Manual Number Crunching


Putting the right pricing information in front of your salespeople not only guarantees profit, but can help your team maximise it. With Commusoft’s comprehensive budgeting tools, any cost you will incur for a job is detailed and logged against the proposal. Combined with your proposed prices, you’ll see expected profit and margins, making it easy to review and optimise on the fly without need for a calculator.

  • Maximise revenue with the right data
  • Analyse labour, parts, and other expenses
  • See expected profit in seconds
A full financial breakdown in Commusoft's sales budgeting software

Never Undercharge for Labour Again


Labour has a large impact on the final cost of a job and it’s often where trades businesses make their most money. Commusoft helps you set pre-configured labour costs to guarantee that salespeople are always charging the correct amount for labour. For more control, labour rates can be customised across the different proposals, options, add-ons, and parts you offer. Plus, you can vary labour rates by day and time, such as premiums for weekends, early mornings, or late evenings.

  • Standardise labour rates for each service
  • Factor time rounding and discretionary minutes
  • Understand the impact of labour on job costing
Budget your sales with accurate labour rates

Optimise Pricing Markup and Discounts

Easily Track Every Part and Their Prices


Commusoft empowers sales teams to pull in any required parts and their supplier pricing into proposals, with total control over markup, discounts, and profit. For standard installations and services, exact parts can be assigned in the template. Once the proposal is created, all your salespeople need to do is select which supplier to order from, ensuring they can quickly make the best financial decision without significant effort.

  • Access parts from an organised, searchable database
  • Import parts and supplier prices by uploading a CSV file
  • Assign time taken to install parts for accurate labour calculations
Budget your sales with full control over parts pricing and margins

Know Whether or Not to Discount


Price reductions, coupons, and freebies are an important part of a sales teams’ toolkit. However, poorly tracked or ad hoc discounts can hurt your bottom line. Armed with the current costs and expected profit, salespeople can effectively judge if a discount is suitable and how much. This flexibility enables sales teams to boost conversion rates, without sacrificing too much profit. In addition, Commusoft tracks any markdowns, so you will always know where your team provided a discount.

  • Customise pricing per opportunity
  • Track markdowns per line item
  • Sync price books from Commusoft's job management software
Budget for any discounts offered

Sales Budget Software FAQs

  • Sales budgeting software is a digital tool that helps sales teams understand the impact of labour rates, parts prices, discounts, and margins on company revenue.

    With Commusoft Sales, salespeople can set standard pricing and profit margins, which means they can build proposals faster, and guarantee every job is profitable. Or, they have the freedom to customise pricing and offerings on specific opportunities. What’s more, they can examine and understand which jobs are most cost-effective, and adjust margins accordingly. After all, you’re in the business of making money!

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  • Commusoft’s sales budgeting software pricing depends on how many licenses you need, and which of our powerful plans you choose!

    Our platform and suite of tools support both small and large service businesses with a minimum of 4 contracted licenses per account. Please note, our product is not suitable for businesses with less than 4 members.

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