Invoicing Software

Improve finances with invoicing and payment tracking tools

Prepare professional invoices in moments whether you're in the office, on site, or on the go. Commusoft's invoicing tools are designed especially for modern field service companies, enabling you to send invoices and receive payments both online and on site.

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Save time and resources

Having intuitive invoicing software means you can raise invoices in record time. There’s no need to wait for office staff—your engineers can invoice directly from the job site.

Streamline payments

With Commusoft’s invoicing and payments software, you can streamline your business to take payments both online and on site, helping drive your cash flow.

Greater organisation

Centralising your records and documents in one comprehensive system improves organisation across your whole business, letting you focus on profits instead of paperwork.

Invoicing functions

  • A variety of invoice types
  • On-site invoicing and payments
  • Professional PDF invoices
  • Online payment portal
  • Consolidated invoicing
  • Automatic invoicing available
  • Integrate accounting software
  • Financial reporting
Invoicing software

Invoice from anywhere

Invoices can be generated from any device, at any time, in any location. With such flexible invoicing, both your office staff and engineers can create invoices as required. Having engineers raise invoices on site can be highly effective—especially when paired with our SumUp integration, which allows for convenient on-site payments. Generating invoices in Commusoft is simple. You can select from a variety of breakdown options, easily add parts, line items, and labour, and keep organised with customisable invoice categories. To streamline things further, our Customer Journey plan offers fully automatic invoicing.

Multiple invoice types available

Invoices for every step of the job

We understand that every job is different. Only being able to invoice for a job once can be constraining and means you’re forced to run your business in a way that might not make sense for you. Commusoft allows you to create a variety of different invoices, each suited to a different stage of the work. These invoice types include deposit, interim, additional, retention, consolidated, and final invoices. To best suit your needs, each invoice type can be renamed, for example, instead of “Deposit Invoice”, you could opt to display it to your customers as “Downpayment”—the choice is yours.

Online invoicing software

Multiple ways to send invoices

To ensure your business has healthy cash flow, you need to send your invoices out promptly after a job is completed. Our invoice portal allows customers to receive and pay their invoice entirely online, which is fantastic for a quick turnaround and also preferred by customers. Alternatively, every invoice is instantly generated as a PDF for you to email to your clients. With our email templates, it only takes one click to send a personalised email with the invoice attached. If some of your customers are a little more old school, you can utilise our professional print and post service to send printed copies when needed.

Automatic invoicing

Let the system invoice for you

Commusoft’s Customer Journey plan allows you to set up fully automated invoicing, meaning your office team can save even more time. Simply configure the rules and pricing for your automated invoicing and the system does the rest! You can customise the default pricing by job type, so it’s up to you whether certain jobs invoice automatically and whether they charge a flat fee or by labour and materials. With default pricing items, advanced labour rates, and price books, you have a wealth of automatic invoicing options available to you.

Invoice PDFs

Professional and branded PDFs

A lot of invoicing software expects you to put up with one-size-fits-all documents. Whether you are emailing or printing, you want your invoice PDFs to project a professional image that best reflects your business. Commusoft invoices can be customised to include your logos, accreditations, and brand colours. It’s easy to set up your company branding and is a great way to grow brand awareness with your customers.

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Consolidated invoice

Handle multiple jobs with a consolidated invoice

When completing many jobs for one customer, it seems unnecessary to send multiple separate invoices. This is likely unappreciated by your customers and could result in an invoice or payment getting missed. Consolidated invoices solves this problem by allowing you to combine many invoices into one. Each individual invoice, job, and price is listed and totalled, so the full amount can be paid off in one go. This is ideal when working with property maintenance companies and estate agents as you can invoice multiple jobs across their properties at once.

Contract for invoice work

Annual contract invoicing

In conjunction with Commusoft’s service contracts feature, the system can automatically generate invoices for your annual contracts. So you don’t have to worry about forgetting, every 12 months this contract will automatically renew and send the invoice to the customer (based on your preferences). If the associated cost for the contract has changed, you are able to set a price change and inform the customer.

Commusoft keeps your accounts and finances in sync

Integrate your accounts and payment gateways

Invoicing software can be made even more powerful by linking it with your accounting and payment solutions. To make your accounting process simple, Commusoft integrates with Sage Accounting, Sage 50Cloud, QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, Xero, FreeAgent, and KashFlow. We send across all your invoices and payments so you can stay organised and on top of your finances.

Our online and on-site payments are powered by our payment integrations with SumUp, Stripe, and WorldPay. Alongside those functionalities, you can also take card details at the point of booking the job or place a hold on allocated funds using deferred payments.

Debtors report in Commusoft

Finance and debt reporting

Know exactly when to start debt chasing with our debtors report, which shows every unpaid or overdue invoice. It’s a great way to improve cash flow and reduce potential lost revenue. To see debt at a quick glance (and make it hard to miss!), each customer page lists the total amount overdue. Our invoicing software also allows you to view a report of every invoice and payment added, so you always have full access to your financial data and records.

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